Die besten 13: James bond official theme song im Vergleich ...

'You Know My Name' helped relaunch a rebooted James Bond franchise as the theme song for Casino Royale, which received its royal premiere in London on this day in 2006. Here is a version with Ken Andrews from Failure + interview in comments.

'You Know My Name' helped relaunch a rebooted James Bond franchise as the theme song for Casino Royale, which received its royal premiere in London on this day in 2006. Here is a version with Ken Andrews from Failure + interview in comments. submitted by L3aBoB3a to Soundgarden [link] [comments]

GOOD or BAD?: Quantum of Solace (2008)

2006's Casino Royale is my favorite James Bond movie. No disrespect to the Bonds who came before but Casino Royale had me engaged from beginning to end. After the ridiculousness of 2002's Die Another Day (Seriously? An invisible car?), I really liked to see a Bond movie more grounded in reality. I love the action, the villain, the Bond girl, the theme song by Chris Cornell, I simply love it.
I can't say the same for the next installment, Quantum of Solace. For me, this is the most forgettable of the Daniel Craig Bond movies so far. Everything I loved about Casino is the inverse. Instead of a great villain in Le Chiffre, we get the boring Dominic Greene with a boring plan and boring base of operations. At least in past bad Bond movies there was some entertainment value. Here, I don't remember a single memorable action sequence or character. The only thing I remember is Bond leaving Greene in the desert with only a can of engine oil to drink. That scene reminded me of Hitman: Absolution (If you played the game you know what I'm talking about).
All in all, I'm not a huge fan of Quantum of Solace. Maybe it's because it's a mediocre movie sandwiched between two much better movies. I also hear the 2007-08 Writer's Strike impacted the writing of the script which explains a lot.
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My Ranking of Every Theme Song

Note: I'm going with whatever is playing in the title sequence. This means that I'm going with instrumental pieces over "The Look of Love" and "We Have All the Time in the World", and using the instrumental version of "From Russia With Love".
27: Die Another Day (Die Another Day): OH GOD GET THE ELECTRONIC BURNING OFF ME! This is possibly the worst song I’ve ever heard. Staticky, stuttering, and has the incomprehensible lyric “Sigmund Freud - analyze this, analyze this, analyze this”. Yes, Sigmund. Please do. I surely can’t.
26: Another Way to Die (Quantum of Solace): Ghastly lyrics, barked-out singing, a choppy melody…a terrible song for a terrible movie.
25: Never Say Never Again (Never Say Never Again): You have not lived until you have heard Lani Hall incoherently whisper “Never, never say never again, never, never say never again”.
24: License to Kill (License to Kill): I feel like “Got a license to kill” was said fifty times in five minutes. This might be slightly higher if it weren’t so long.
23: A View to Kill (A View to Kill): This hurts my ears.
22: The Living Daylights (The Living Daylights): This also hurts my ears, although maybe a tad less.
21: The Man With the Golden Gun (The Man With the Golden Gun): There’s at least some real energy here, but those lyrics are asine—“"His eye may be on you or me / Whom will he bang? / We shall see”. As the poisonous cherry on top, Lulu’s singing is absurdly over-articulated.
20: For Your Eyes Only (For Your Eyes Only): Slow, bland, and ponderous—but at least it’s never unendurable.
19: Tomorrow Never Dies (Tomorrow Never Dies): Outside of the decent chorus, this is the most forgettable song in the series, and it drones on for five minutes.
18: Writing’s on the Wall (Spectre): I want to like this one. The lyrics are good, the melody is outstanding, and Sam Smith’s godawful squeaky falsetto singing kills it all.
17: Moonraker (Moonraker): Too slow and subdued to distract from the ridicous lyrics (“"Just like the moooon / ray kergoes / in search of his dream of gold”). Still, it’s hardly unendurable like some other songs we’ve covered.
16: All Time High (Octopussy): Just passable—often energetic, mostly boring, always profoundly average.
15: From Russia With Love (From Russia With Love): The new theme is pretty sleepy, but the snippets of the Bond theme at the start and end more than make up for it.
14: Casino Royale (Casino Royale-1967): A fun, jazzy instrumental, but nothing more than that.
13: You Know My Name (Casino Royale 2006): Nicely energetic with clever lyrics, but somehow I don’t love it. Maybe it’s the shrill singing.
12: You Only Live Twice (You Only Live Twice): I probably like this slow ballad (not a Bond trademark) more than I should, but the lyrics and singing appeal to me.
11: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service): A nice, propulsive instrumental (the last one in the series).
10: No Time to Die (No Time to Die): I get why people don’t like this, but I find the moody slowness interesting and even a little haunting.
9: Goldfinger (Goldfinger): Go ahead. I can take it. It’s good, but it’s not that good.
8: The World is Not Enough (The World is Not Enough): Very possibly the best lyrics of the franchise (I especially like “The world is not enough / But it's such a perfect place to start, my love”), and a strong performance from Garbage (not an intuitive choice for a Bond theme, but a good one). Not quite in the upper echelon, but close.
7: James Bond Theme (Dr. No): I mean, it’s the fucking James Bond theme. What more do I have to say?
6: Nobody Does it Better (The Spy Who Loved Me): The simple, low-key style doesn’t sound like a natural fit for Bond, but the song is so good I don’t care. One of the most fun themes to listen to.
5: Goldeneye (Goldeneye): Strange lyrics, but one of the best voice performances in the series—slinky, smokey, and with something of a cruel edge as well. The melody is also outstanding.
4: Diamonds Are Forever (Diamonds Are Forever): I love this song. Great romantic melody, glamorous singing, and lyrics about…wanting to fuck diamonds? I don’t know why, but it works incredibly well.
3: Thunderball (Thunderball): Tom Jones gives the best vocal performance in the entire series, completely making up for lyrics like “He strikes…like Thunderball!”
2: Live and Let Die (Live and Let Die): Disclaimer: I like or love basically everyone of Paul McCartney’s albums, and I know that’s a minority opinion. But this is one of his very best, three minutes of pure musical delight peaking in the exhilarating “give the other fella hell…” bit that always makes me stand up in my seat. The lyrics are beside the point.
1: Skyfall (Skyfall): A masterpiece. Dramatic lyrics, incredibly intense melody, and Adele singing the hell out of it. Not just the best Bond theme, probably in my Top 10 songs of all time as.
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Pitching a 007 reboot

Pitching a 007 reboot
Hello! So, as many of you already know, No Time to Die will be Daniel Craig's last movie as James Bond. The actor has been around since 2006's Casino Royale (for over fourteen years), so it was about time that the "Craig era" ended. After Craig leaves, the franchise can go two routes: following the Craig movies with a new actor or rebooting the series with a new version of the character.
I very much prefer the second route, since I feel Craig's Bond should be wrapped up by the end of No Time to Die, letting a new version of 007 get in the ground. So, with my very little knowledge of how Reddit works (I'm very new to this), I've decided to make a raw pitch of how I would like to see a new version of James Bond. I hope this doesn't end up being a TL;DR post, but here we go!

To begin this pitch, I've decided to introduce you to my own cast for the 007 universe. I don't have a clear idea on specific characters or secondary actors, but I am very decided on who I want to play the part of the main characters.

· JAMES BOND - Richard Madden
This is the one I'm most confident of. Since I watched him on Game of Thrones and after following his career and public appearances, I could see no other as James Bond.
Richard Madden is young (34 years old at the moment) and could play Bond for many years to come. He also has the style, charm, looks and feel of the world's best agent, so he could play a very fleshed out, stylish version of the character that also feels human and vulnerable. His role in HBO's epic fantasy has proven him to be a worthy actor, and one who could take the mantle of one of Hollywood's most iconic roles with enough value. So, yes, as much as I'd also like other actors, Richard Madden IS James Bond.

· M - Idris Elba
Yes, yes. I know Idris Elba is many people's favourite choice for James Bond. But to me, Elba, who is now 48 years old, would be a much better fit for 007's instructor and guide, M.
The role, which was previously depicted by the iconic portrayal of Judi Dench and has lately been taken by the magnificent Ralph Fiennes, requires someone who equals confidence, strength and style. Both Dench and Fiennes have perfectly matched these characteristics, and I'm very confident that Elba does too. We've previously seen him in some sort of "mentor" slash "boss" role in Pacific Rim, so imagining him as M is pretty easy.

· Q - Phoebe Waller-Bridge
Q was a tough choice for me for a long time. First I wanted Benedict Cumberbatch, but it felt too obvious and he's already very busy with his Doctor Strange role. Then I thought of Jane Levy, but she lacks the qualities that I was looking for in a character like Q. But this year I saw Fleabag and, when thinking of fancasting Q, it was clear as water: Phoebe Waller-Bridge.
I always think of Q as this smart-ass, witty, kind of socially weird character that is all brain but has no real skill for people. Waller-Bridge is an absolute hurricane of wit, is clever as hell and has this weird feeling to her that makes her both strange and attracting. Put a pair of glasses on her and there you go, the perfect Q.
For this version, I'd have Q be not only the one that creates Bond's gadgets, but also a more "guy-in-the-chair" type of character. So... yes, Phoebe is my favourite choice for obvious reasons.

· Ben Mendelsohn - Dr. Julius No
So, while this reboot wouldn't be adapting Ian Fleming's Dr. No, I would very much like the movie to take back Bond's first cinematic villain in a new story. I know Ben Mendelsohn is always depicted as the "bad guy" in a story, but damn, he does it good.
Mendelsohn has a very sinister feeling to him, but could also twist Dr. No's character to be a much more interesting villain in this reboot. So, while I'm not extremely confident on this choice (I thought of Tom Hiddleston first), this is for now my choice for the reboot's main villain.

· JAWS - John Cena
Besides the main villain, I want a secondary baddie who plays a more physical role that can put Bond at risk in a fight. It felt pretty obvious right from the get-go that I'd take back one of 007's most legendary bad guys, Jaws, and I instantly thought of John Cena.
While he's too much of a good guy, I believe Cena would be the perfect fit for a brute villain who's all muscles and not much brains, and who can have Dr. No's back as his number one man.

The thought of who could be the new Bond director has been running through my mind for a looong time now. For a brief moment I thought of Christopher Nolan, but I feel like his approach would be very similar to Craig's movies, with a very grounded and realistic tone. And for this new 007 I want a more sci-fi oriented spy movie, just like his more classic adventures. Gadgets, impossible stunts and a kinda techy tone to it.
So, for this movie, my pick is definitely Guy Ritchie. The guy can play with crazy elements, can do action scenes and balance drama and comedy like few others. I absolutely love his job in the Sherlock Holmes movies, and his Man from UNCLE movie proved he could NAIL a spy thriller movie.
For the record, Matthew Vaughn would be my second choice. He's a fantastic director and has already touched the spy genre (you know what I'm talking about), so he'd be a good fit as well.

So intense
One of the most important elements of a 007 movie is the music. Not only the iconic "movie songs" that have welcomed artists such as Tina Turner, Adele or, most recently, Billie Eilish, but also the soundtrack as well.
For the movie song, my definitive pick would be Arctic Monkeys. The band from Sheffield has proven they can neil the Bond tone with songs like Fir and the Thud, or their more recent album Tranquility Base + Casino, and they've already stated their interest on making a Bond theme. So there is no doubt: the authors of the smash hit Do I Wanna Know? should make the song for a James Bond reboot.
As for the soundtrack itself, Michael Giacchino is the only one I can think of. He's had a pretty amazing career, composing the scores for movies such as Rogue One, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Doctor Strange, Star Trek and the upcoming The Batman movie, and has proven to be an incredibly versatile composer that can flesh out the tone of a movie with just a few notes. I'd absolutely love to hear a 007 soundtrack composed by him.

Story pitch and conclusion
I'm not very clear on what I'd do with the story of the movie, but I know I would like to have an unexperienced James Bond, maybe even telling some sort of origin story to him, and have him meet his allies for the first time. Of course, Dr. No would play a threat on a global scale, that would have Bond in the middle of a great test to prove his value as who would later be known as the world's greatest spy.
With a cast like the one I've crafted, Guy Ritchie's vision and Giacchino/Arctic Monkeys on the music, I believe the movie would be interesting to say the least. Let me know what you think!
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The World is Not Enough: An Underrated Masterpiece

The World is Not Enough is the most underrated film in the Bond series. T.W.I.N.E is truly one of the best Bond films, and even of the best action films ever made. Almost every elements of the film is perfect, it's like so hard to find flaws. This is easily a top 5 Bond film, if not higher. There are many Bond films worse than this that receive much higher praise, and this disturbs me.
-Brosnon - his best film, obviously, and his best performance. She slowly defined and evolved his portrayal over the prior 2 films, and in TWINE, shows more emotional and vulnerable side of Bond than we've never seen before. Also includes some of the best one liners ever put to film, and Sir B's of them delivery is flawless. "I never miss", also "Bond, James Bond" is said in the middle of an action sequence! Truly innovative!
Supporting cast - Dench, Desmond, Cleese, Coltrane, Seru. I mean, fuck me!
Eleckra King - the first and only time a female has been the main villian. Amazing
Rerand - brilliant villian, he cannot feel pain which is a crazy concept, only fault is he's slightly underused. Also the villians plan is original and not remotely similar to any previous plotline, but later was by copied by skyfall (gag).
-Action/Setpieces // god tier
Pre title sequence - literally the best pre title sequence of the entire franchise - this is undebatable, it's literally a fact. It's a 2 in 1, you get the spain scene with the window jump at the very start, and then the extended boat chase, filled with never ending stunts and action, in such an iconic location. WOWzers!
-Plot - simple and easy to follow, but not dumb or boring like spectre.
-Locations - simply put, the best locations ever put to screen in a Bond film. The river thames in London, eastern Europe, spain, Scotland, the fRench Alps, the skiing sequence - omg breathtaking.
-Cinematography - once again, god tier, every frame and shot looks delicious
Q's boat, avalanche bubble, underwear glasses, watch grapple hook, remote control car etc etc wow...
-Score/Theme Song
David Arnold's best score, along with Casino Royale
TWINE by garbage is the best theme song in the franchise. Shirley Basey? Adele? Duran duran? You no name my? None even come close to TWINE by garbage, a masterpiece of a song.
-Denise Richards
-The Script perhaps?? but I'm really pushing to find negatives here
As you can see, many many positives and not many negatives, leaving us with one of the all time great Bond films.
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Hamilton with Stormlight Archive

I read the series mostly while listening to Hamilton. Whenever I hear Hurricane I think of Kaladin (replace writing with stabbing/healing people and it fits better) and History has its Eyes on Me with Dalinar. If you really think about these don't fit narratively but the vibe of the songs always worked with me. The emotional climax of Hurricane would be Kaladin deciding to save Elhokar from Moash whereas in History has its Eyes on Me, Dalinar would probably be writing his memoir. I think the appearance of the everstorm also connected with the hurricane of Hamilton in my head.
When I was reading Mistborn the same thing happened for the James Bond themes. The most memorable one being You Know my Name from Casino Royal becoming my mental anthem for Kelsier.
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Casino Royale is the Goldfinger of the 21st Century.

It is widely agreed upon that Goldfinger is the greatest Bond film of all time. It has great writing, acting, iconic scenes, introduction of the classic Bond formula such as visits to Q and the use of amazing gadgets. Casino Royale has reinvigorated Bond and did it in a Post 9/11 world. Bond was made cool again, made contemporary, and relevant. We start the film with a foot chase, the first in Bond history. It was epic. Bond shows how he is rough around the edges, kills first never asks questions. He is vulnerable with the women he is with such as Vesper. He allows himself to feel emotion through love and murder. In the stairway scene when he kills the 2 guys from the Congo he goes back to his room to clean up and is shaken by what he has done. We’ve never seen that before. Goldfinger and Casino Royale have an iconic scene of torture (Laser table/ testicle whipping) . Probably the most famous in Bond history. Granted the villains are very different but they are portrayed by great actors, Gert Frobe and Mads Mikkelson. The end of Casino shows how Bond has hardened and become cold to falling in love over the betrayal of Vesper (we wouldn’t know until the next movie she was dooped), he is also more tactical and doesn’t just kill (shoots Mr. White in the leg, also in Skyfall he’s pissed when he lets Patrice fall out the window. Showing character development that he didn’t want to kill him). He shows up wearing a 3 piece Brioni suit (Vesper tells him on the train that he doesn’t care how he dresses) and utters the classic “ Bond... James Bond”, for the first time, then the classic theme song plays for the first time. As a reimagining and update of the James Bond legend, Casino Royale has set the bar so high that I believe it will be the Goldfinger of this century.
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Ranking of James Bond films and portrayals of James Bond.

1.The Spy Who Loved Me - Beautiful locations, amazing direction, terrific Bond girl, heart warming theme song and Moore at full purr. 2.On Her Majesty's Secret Service - That barn scene with Tracy was too beautiful. 3. Goldfinger - The Classic Bond film. 4. From Russia With Love 5. GoldenEye 6. The Living Daylights 7. You Only Live Twice 8.Licence To Kill 9.Thunderball 10. Dr No. 11. Live and Let Die 12. Casino Royale 13. Skyfall 14. Tomorrow Never Dies 15. Octopussy 16. The Man With The Golden Gun 17. The World Is Not Enough 18. Spectre 19. Moonraker 20. For Your Eyes Only 21. Diamonds Are Forever 22. A View To A Kill 23. Quantum of Solace 24. Die Another Day Best James Bond portrayals:
  1. Roger Moore - absolutely loved his gentleman approach to the role, yes he was goofy and funny but I still love watching him in the role. Yes he may have gone on too long and should probably have finished after at least The Spy Who Loved Me or Moonraker, but he did bring something fresh to the table when he came in especially after Connery's dismal Diamonds Are Forever performance. RIP to a legend 😇
2/3. Sean Connery/Timothy Dalton - Before, I would have without a doubt had Connery battling it out for first place. However, I've come to appreciate Dalton a lot more and fail to see why he's so underrated and disliked too much. Dalton brought the Fleming books right into the two classic films he done and he really did look like a killer. I wish Dalton did GoldenEye and Roger Moore's last three Bond films since age did noticeably affect the last three Bond films. Tough to call between the two, maybe leaning more to Connery but still a very tough choice as both are brilliant in the role.
  1. George Lazenby - Please hear me out, at first i thought he really wasn't cut out to be Bond as I thought he was awkward in the role but as I watched OHMSS more I began to like and appreciate Lazenby far more than I did. I personally believe he would have been a fan favourite if he done more but he was poorly advised. I would have much preferred he do Diamonds Are Forever than Connery because Lazenby had just lost Tracy Bond tragically and DOF is the film after OHMSS. I do like Lazenby and personally feel he has become underrated and not thought of fondly enough.
  2. Pierce Brosnan. - (SHOCK OPINION) I can already see the resentment coming.
Had Brosnan had a great continuation from the start like Connery did then Brosnan would have for me arguably been the best Bond in the whole series. But the films just went on a huge downward spiral for me. I really did like Brosnan in GoldenEye but from there on I didn't come to appreciate Brosnan enough which is a shame because I was born in the Brosnan era. I thought he and Halle Berry were a joke in Die Another Day and I never came to love Brosnan and gain too much interest in Brosnan which I wish I could. To me he was a mix of Connery and Moore, could show the more tougher side of Connery with woman and a more light hearted and womansier version of Moore.
  1. Daniel Craig - Look, in his own right he is a great actor but when it comes to James Bond I can't really like him much. Firstly I can't come to terms with a blonde James Bond, I feel like his films have lacked a strong villain excluding Le Chiffre who I thought was fantastic in Casino Royale and maybe Raoul Silva in Skyfall. But I don't really favour Craig in the series, outside of Bond I like him for instance in Defiance. But he came at the time when Jason Bourne was really popping and many including myself are huge Jason Bourne fans.
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Review of the 60s Bond films

Hi guys. I've been marathoning the Bond films. I wanted to share my thoughts and see what you all think. Everyone has different opinions on the Bond films, so discussing it would be interesting. Feel free to comment below and tell me what you agree and disagree with.
Dr. No
A film that must be appreciated for kickstarting the franchise. Connery gives a good first performance as Bond and his interpretation is immediately codified. The characters are memorable, with Quarrel and Jack Lord’s Felix Leiter being standouts. Honey Ryder doesn’t do much in the story, though her entrance is iconic. Mostly there as eye candy. Joseph Wiseman only appears as Dr. No for a couple of minutes, but he’s truly menacing in the role and is the standard for which other villains should be set against. The plot is faithful to the original novel and is more of a mystery than an actual spy thriller. There is a nice balance between humor and seriousness, with Connery managing to be witty in one scene and cold-blooded in another. The production design is decent considering the lower budget. Ken Adam’s Crab Key sets are impressive and are a testament to his visual genius. Complaints I have with this film are its pacing, which drags a bit too long for my liking, and the score, which can get a bit over the top at times. The James Bond theme is the best track of course and the lyrical songs like “Underneath the Mango Tree” are entertaining. I’m probably a bit harsh on this film even when considering that it’s the first Bond film. The pacing hindered my enjoyment of the film, which is rough around the edges, but still does things right.
From Russia With Love
This was a huge step up in quality from Dr. No. Connery’s performance is even better, with plenty of quips to lighten the film. The film manages to faithfully adapt the novel while changing what wouldn’t work on the big screen. The pacing is much better than its predecessor. The first 50 minutes introduces the characters and provides exposition on the spy world brilliantly. No other Bond film would provide this much espionage either than The Living Daylights and possibly For Your Eyes Only. The film manages to be a thriller while also introducing more action-packed moments that would become mandatory for the franchise. Daniela Bianchi is beautiful as Tania and is more plot relevant. The villains are threatening and leave a strong impression. John Barry composes his first Bond score and the difference in quality in music is obvious. Barry’s work on the franchise shows just how much music can affect one’s perception of a film, with lesser films being elevated by Barry’s awesome scores. “James Bond with Bongos” and the recurring “007” are highlights. The theme song is nice and this film marks the beginning of integrating instrumental versions of the themes throughout the score – something that hasn’t really been done extensively since 1989 with the exception of Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace (No Good About Goodbye by Shirley Bassey was rejected despite David Arnold using it in his score). Overall, FRWL was a great film and definitely remains one of the best Bond films to this day.
The film that introduced many elements of the Bond formula. Connery is once again great in the role, but a slight step down from FRWL. Goldfinger and Oddjob are iconic villains, though they lack menace and feel more cartoonish. Pussy Galore is probably the best Bond girl in the Connery era, thanks to Honor Blackman (RIP) providing charisma and toughness to the role. Her seduction by Bond and resulting defection was ridiculous. Jill and especially Tilly Masterson are interesting characters but barely have any screentime. The plot is good, though it lacks the espionage and mystery of earlier films. Removing some of the novel’s problems helps the script, especially with the details of Operation Grand Slam. The pacing is slower and the scenes in Goldfinger’s ranch go on for far too long. The music is good though it is a bit too reliant on Shirley Bassey’s great theme song. “Alpine Drive – Auric’s Factory” and “Dawn At Fort Knox” are my favorite tracks. The film deserves credit for launching Bondmania and helping the franchise be the behemoth it is today. However, to say that it is still the best after all these years is an overstatement considering the formula would be refined in the future.
An improvement over Goldfinger and the first truly “cinematic” Bond film. Features everything people have come to expect from a Bond film. The film is more visually appealing and combines the best elements of its predecessors: the exotic location of Dr. No, the espionage and pacing of From Russia With Love, and the larger scale of Goldfinger. S.P.E.C.T.R.E was already established to be a large organization, but this film truly establishes just how much of a global threat they are. Some point to this film as being responsible for the larger emphasis on gadgets, I personally feel that its successor was the culprit. Bond is forced to rely on his wits several times throughout the film, sometimes without gadgets. John Barry’s score is even better in this film, with the use of trumpets in tracks like “The Bomb” and “Search for the Vulcan” giving an otherworldly feeling befitting of the underwater focus. Speaking of which, the underwater scenes are extremely well made and while they may go on for too long for some, I personally love them for their unique atmosphere. Everything about Thunderball feels refined over its predecessors and the fact that it’s less talked about than its predecessors and lesser follow-ups is a shame considering it’s the best in the Connery era by far.
You Only Live Twice
A mild step down from its predecessor. The plot and characters are mostly unmemorable, with Tiger Tanaka being the only standout. Aki is a far more interesting Bond girl than Kissy Suzuki and killing her off was a waste. Donald Pleasence’s Blofeld is iconic, but barely appears and drops the villain ball after meeting Bond. The other villains are forgettable. The film is probably the biggest of the Connery era and definitely the largest in scale until The Spy Who Loved Me ten years later. The volcano set is the most oft-cited example of this. The Japanese setting is interesting and offers some nice locales; I kind of wish that even more of the country was shown, though this is nitpicking. John Barry outdoes himself once again with another atmospheric score that makes use of strings to evoke a Japanese feel. I enjoyed this film more Goldfinger, but it’s hard to deny that the story and characters aren’t the best, even by Bond standards. YOLT was a sign that bigger doesn’t always mean better.
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
The best of the 60s Bond films. George Lazenby is the worst Bond by default because he only made one film. He lacks Connery’s charm and charisma but makes up for it by being much more believable in his fight scenes and for being more vulnerable than Connery’s masculine Bond. It’s hard to tell if Connery appearing in the film would have improved it. Considering how excessive Bond’s womanizing got with Goldfinger onwards, seeing Connery’s Bond fall in love and ready to settle down is a bit hard to imagine. Tracy is a great Bond girl and her relationship with Bond develops throughout the film. I’d even say that I prefer it to Bond and Vesper in Casino Royale. Telly Savalas plays the best Blofeld, showing more physicality and charisma in the role than Donald Pleasence. The story is much more involved than previous films, the only predecessor that matches it on the same level is FRWL. As mentioned before, Lazenby is more believable in his fight scenes. Couple this with the unique style and editing and you get some of the most thrilling action sequences the franchise has offered. The Switzerland scenes are some of the most beautiful in the franchise. Peter Hunt’s direction deserves a mention with photography even more refined than that of Terrence Young. One shot in particular that stood out was the helicopters flying to Piz Gloria during sunrise. The one complaint I really have with the film is its 2h 22m length. It’s a good film but it does go on too long in some instances. OHMSS has the best score in the franchise. There are too many great pieces to mention here. Lastly, I personally feel that OHMSS has been just as influential on the franchise as GF and TB. Like FRWL, OHMSS was more grounded while still featuring many classic Bond elements. The film’s influence can be felt in the 80s Bond films directed by John Glen, who edited this film. His first film, For Your Eyes Only, feels like a proper follow-up to OHMSS with its pre-title sequence and grounded tone compared to prior installments. This focus on realism while still keeping elements of the formula continued for the rest of the 80s. OHMSS was a great film and it’s great to see that it finally gets the recognition it deserves.
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My Best James Bond films and best James Bond portrayals

  1. The Spy Who Loved Me - Beautiful locations, amazing direction, terrific Bond girl, heart warming theme song and Moore at full purr.
  2. On Her Majesty's Secret Service - That barn scene with Tracy was too beautiful.
  3. Goldfinger - The Classic Bond film.
  4. From Russia With Love
  5. GoldenEye
  6. The Living Daylights
  7. You Only Live Twice
  8. Licence To Kill
  9. Thunderball
  10. Dr No.
  11. Live and Let Die
  12. Casino Royale
  13. Skyfall
  14. Tomorrow Never Dies
  15. Octopussy
  16. The Man With The Golden Gun
  17. The World Is Not Enough
  18. Spectre
  19. Moonraker
  20. For Your Eyes Only
  21. Diamonds Are Forever
  22. A View To A Kill
  23. Quantum of Solace
  24. Die Another Day
Best James Bond portrayals:
  1. Roger Moore - absolutely loved his gentleman approach to the role, yes he was goofy and funny but I still love watching him in the role. Yes he may have gone on too long and should probably have finished after at least The Spy Who Loved Me or Moonraker, but he did bring something fresh to the table when he came in especially after Connery's dismal Diamonds Are Forever performance. RIP to a legend 😇
2/3. Sean Connery/Timothy Dalton - Before, I would have without a doubt had Connery battling it out for first place. However, I've come to appreciate Dalton a lot more and fail to see why he's so underrated and disliked too much. Dalton brought the Fleming books right into the two classic films he done and he really did look like a killer. I wish Dalton did GoldenEye and Roger Moore's last three Bond films since age did noticeably affect the last three Bond films. Tough to call between the two, maybe leaning more to Connery but still a very tough choice as both are brilliant in the role.
  1. George Lazenby - Please hear me out, at first i thought he really wasn't cut out to be Bond as I thought he was awkward in the role but as I watched OHMSS more I began to like and appreciate Lazenby far more than I did. I personally believe he would have been a fan favourite if he done more but he was poorly advised. I would have much preferred he do Diamonds Are Forever than Connery because Lazenby had just lost Tracy Bond tragically and DOF is the film after OHMSS. I do like Lazenby and personally feel he has become underrated and not thought of fondly enough.
  2. Pierce Brosnan. - I can already see the resentment coming.
Had Brosnan had a great continuation from the start like Connery did then Brosnan would have for me arguably been the best Bond in the whole series. But the films just went on a huge downward spiral for me. I really did like Brosnan in GoldenEye but from there on I didn't come to appreciate Brosnan enough which is a shame because I was born in the Brosnan era. I thought he and Halle Berry were a joke in Die Another Day and I never came to love Brosnan and gain too much interest in Brosnan which I wish I could. To me he was a mix of Connery and Moore, could show the more tougher side of Connery with woman and a more light hearted and womansier version of Moore.
  1. Daniel Craig - Look, in his own right he is a great actor but when it comes to James Bond I can't really like him much. Firstly I can't come to terms with a blonde James Bond, I feel like his films have lacked a strong villain excluding Le Chiffre who I thought was fantastic in Casino Royale and maybe Raoul Silva in Skyfall. But I don't really favour Craig in the series, outside of Bond I like him for instance in Defiance. But he came at the time when Jason Bourne was really popping and many including myself are huge Jason Bourne fans.
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Casino Royale is the best Bond film...yet

Because of the quarantine, I was able to watch (rewatch for some) all James Bond films -- from Dr. No to Spectre. Taking all aspects into consideration, I firmly believe that Casino Royale is the best James Bond film.
Daniel Craig embodied the character fully. He's intense yet cool, serious yet charming, and at times, very, very funny.
Martin Campbell's direction was impeccable. His overall tone for the movie was pitch perfect.
Eva Green, Dame Judi, Tobias Menzies, Jeffrey Wright and of course, Mads Mikkelsen were an outstanding supporting cast.
And dare I say Chris Cornell's "You Know My Name" is the best Bong theme song so far. I involuntarily clapped when I heard it play because it's placement in the film was flawless.
This movie is 10/10 in my book.
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Film Rankings with Explanations, Ratings, and Tiers

During quarantine, I've had the opportunity to rewatch every movie in relatively short succession. I've seen them all 2-10 times and have been a lifelong Bond fan. I enjoy every Bond film, even the "bad" ones, but I wanted to try and rank them. I used a scoring system to help me, but ultimately went with my gut (e.g. License to Kill MUST be better than The World is Not Enough). I thought a tier system of ranking was useful, because it really is splitting hairs to rank some of these. Feel free to critique my ratings, my ratings weightings, and opinions!

You could say I have too much time on my hands
Tier 7: The Worst
  1. Die Another Day: Best Sword Fight
- Why it's not irredeemable: For being the lowest ranked film on this list, it's not without its moments. Bond getting caught, tortured, then escaping from MI6 was interesting and novel. The ice hotel was neat, as well as the chase scene. I'll even defend the much maligned invisible car, as the Aston Martin Vanquish is quite a car.
- Why it's not higher: Personally, I think Halle Berry is a terrible Bond girl, alternating between damsel in distress and super woman as the plot demands it. Moreover, Graves and the plot in general is pretty cheesy and boring. Perhaps most damaging is the deadly serious tone of the movie, which doesn't even provide the fun and excitement Brosnan's films generally provide the viewer.
- Most under-appreciated part: The fencing scene is the best action scene of the entire movie. It's surprising it took Bond this long to fence, but seeing them go at it across the club was a blast.

Tier 6: Disappointing
  1. Quantum of Solace: Best Car Chase
- Why it's this high: The action is quite good, likely meriting the distinction of the best car chase in the entire series (the pre-credits sequence). Mathis is a good ally and it is sad to see him go.
- Why it's not higher: My biggest beef with Craig's Bond films is that they are too serious, so when the plot and script isn't top-notch, the movie watching experience is just kind of dull. Quantum of Solace takes a bold risk in making the first Bond sequel, but unfortunately it's just not that good. Greene seems like a rather pathetic Bond villain, and his henchman (the worst in the series?) ends up in a neck-brace after getting tripped by Camilla. Also, the shaky cam is distracting and exhausting.
- Most under-appreciated part: I actually thing the theme song is pretty good! Maybe I'm just too much of a Jack White groupie, but I think it rocks.

  1. Moonraker: Best Locales
- Why it's this high: I'm pleased to see Jaws making a return, as he is an amazing henchman. On that note, the pre-credits sequence with Bond and Jaws falling out of the plane is exhilarating. Holly Goodhead is a very good Bond girl, beautiful, smart, and competent. Roger Moore always does an excellent job playing the role with suavity and wit.
- Why it's not higher: Gosh it's cheesy. Particularly egregious is Jaws' love story. The theme song is terrible and Bond doesn't have any solid allies besides Goodhead and Jaws.
- Most under-appreciated part: They really go all out with the settings here. Obviously, space is pretty polarizing, but I think Bond clearly should go to space at SOME point during the series. In addition, Italy and Brazil were gorgeous views, while Drax's estate is magnificent.

  1. Spectre: Best Shooting
- Why it's this high: Rewatching this for the second time, I realized Lea Seydoux does a good job as the Bond girl, and it's actually quite believable she and James could work out, as she is the daughter of an assassin and can understand him (as Blofeld points out). Seeing Bond show off his marksmanship was quite satisfying, especially that one long shot during the escape from Blofeld's compound. Bonus points for Bond's DB10 and resurrecting the DB5.
- Why it's not higher: The fatal flaw of this film is making Blofeld Bond's adopted brother. How did Bond not recognize him? How is Blofeld able to keep himself secret from British intelligence yet every criminal worth his salt knows of him? The worst part is that it actually cheapens the plot of the other Craig movies. I believe the Bond franchise should stay clear from sequels from here on out. Yes, they can weave a great story if done correctly, but it's so much more difficult to make great sequels (e.g. Star Wars only made two worthy sequels in seven tries) than to do one-offs. As usual for a Craig film, Bond has little charisma (save for his surprisingly good rapport with Moneypenny) and little in the way of jokes to lighten the mood.
- Most under-appreciated part: The train fight scene with Dave Bautista is great! Gosh it was awesome to see them go at it, break through walls, and a priceless expression on Bautista's face when he knows he's done. Bautista is the first decent henchman since the 90s, so glad to see the series go back to this staple.

  1. The Man with the Golden Gun: Best Potential, Worst Execution
- Why it's this high: This Bond movie frustrates more than any other, as it has the potential to be an all-time great. Bond's debriefing starts off with promise, as it turns out the world's top assassin is gunning for Bond! For the first time in the series, Bond seems vulnerable! M makes a hilarious quip as to who would try to kill Bond ("jealous husbands ... the list is endless"). Furthermore, the legendary Christopher Lee is possible the best Bond villain, a rare peer of 007.
- Why it's not higher: Unfortunately, the movie opts to change course so that it's just Maud Adams trying to get Bond to kill Scaramanga. Goodnight is beautiful, but maybe the most inept Bond girl of all-time. They used a SLIDE WHISTLE, ruining one of the coolest Bond stunts ever (the car jump).
- Most under-appreciated part: Nick Nack is a splendid henchman, showing the role can be more than just a strongman.

  1. Diamonds Are Forever: Great Beginning and Ending, but Bad Everywhere Else
- Why it's this high: Is there another Bond with such a great contrast between the beginning/ending and everything in between? Connery shows his tough side, as he muscles his way through the pre-credits scene. Particularly good was the part where he seduces the woman, then uses her bikini top to choke her. At the end, Bond expertly uses his wine knowledge to detect something is amiss, then dispatches Kidd and Wint in style. Other cool scenes include Bond scaling the building to reach Blofeld and Bond driving the Mustang through the alley.
- Why it's not higher: This is one of the films that I find myself liking less and less over time. Vegas, and especially the space laboratory scene, just seem cheesy. Connery is officially too old at this point, and Jill St. John just isn't a very compelling Bond girl. I would've preferred to have seen more of Plenty O'Toole, but alas 'twas not meant to be. Leiter is uninspired as well. Having Bond go after Blofeld for the millionth time just seems tired at this point.
- Most under-appreciated part: Mr. Kidd and Wint are the creepiest henchmen in the Bond universe, but I'd argue they are some of the best. Their banter and creative modes of execution are quite chilling and thrilling.

  1. A View to a Kill: Best Theme
- Why it's this high: Is it a hot take to not have View in the bottom five? Let me explain. I contend Duran Duran's theme is the very best. The ending fight scene on the Golden Gate Bridge is actually one of the most iconic ending set pieces in the series. The plot is stellar on paper, as the horse racing part was a very Bondian side story, and the idea of an attack on Silicon Valley actually seems even more plausible today.
- Why it's not higher: It's self-evident that Moore is way too old for the part. Some parts are just mind-blowingly ridiculous, such as the fire truck chase scene through San Francisco and the part where Stacey is caught unaware by a blimp behind her. Speaking of Stacey, she may be beautiful, but she spends most of the movie shrieking whenever something goes wrong.
- Most under-appreciated part: The scene with Bond and Ivanova is cool (I always like it when he interacts with other spies) and quite entertaining how he fools her with the cassettes.

Tier 5: Below Average
  1. Octopussy: The Most Characteristically Roger Moore Bond Film
- Why it's this high: Maud Adams has great screen presence as Octopussy, and her Amazonian-like women are cool to watch fight. Bond's deft swipe of the egg was nicely done. On a related aside, I wish Bond films would emphasize Bond's intellect more, as it seems the 60s and 70s films would allow Bond to showcase his vast knowledge more frequently than he does today. Gobinda is a fierce henchman, while India in general is a cool location. The plot is realistic, yet grand (war-mongering Russian general tries to detonate a nuke to get NATO to turn on itself).
- Why it's not higher: This is the first Moore film where he simply was too old and shouldn't have been cast. Yes, it's too cheesy at times, most infamously during the Tarzan yell. Bond also doesn't use any cool vehicles.
- Most under-appreciated part: People tend to focus too much on Bond dressing as a clown, but the scene where Bond furiously tries to get to the bomb in time to defuse it is one of the tensest moments in the series. Moore's "Dammit there's a bomb in there!" really demonstrated the gravity of the situation (I get goosebumps during that part).

  1. Tomorrow Never Dies: Most Tasteful Humor
- Why it's this high: Brosnan really settles into the role well here. He gives the most charismatic Bond performance in 15 years or so. His quip "I'm just here at Oxford, brushing up on a little Danish" is an all-time great Bond line. Teri Hatcher is stunning as Paris Carver, delivering a memorable performance with her limited screen time. The plot is original and ages well, highlighting the potential downsides of media power, while Carver is an above average villain.
- Why it's not higher: Wai Lin is good for action, but the chemistry between her and Bond is non-existent. By the end of the movie, Pryce just seem silly (especially the scene where he mocks Wai Lin's martial arts skills). There aren't any good Bond allies, as Jack Wade doesn't impress in his return to the franchise. In general though, the movie has few things terribly wrong with it, it just doesn't excel in many ways.
- Most under-appreciated part: Dr. Kaufman is hysterical. At first, I thought "this is weird," but by the end of the scene I'm cracking up. I genuinely wish they found someway to bring him back for World, but c'est la vie.

  1. The World Is Not Enough: Less than the Sum of its Parts
- Why it's this high: According to my spreadsheet, this is a top 10 Bond film, while on my first watch on this film I thought it was bottom five. I think the truth is that it's somewhere in between. I like the settings, everything from the temporary MI-6 headquarters to Azerbaijan. Elektra is an all-time great Bond girl, with a nice plot twist and character arc. The glasses where Bond sees through women's clothing are hilarious. The sense of danger is strong, with everyone from Bond to M being in danger. The return of Zukovsky is a nice plus.
- Why it's not higher: I think two things really doom this film. First, Renard is totally wasted a henchman. The idea of him not feeling pain is a cool one, but he just seems boring and extraneous. I don't even think Carlyle acted poorly, he was just misused. Secondly, the ending (after Bond killing Elektra which is quite good) is rather terrible. The whole scene in the sub just isn't entertaining or engaging.
- Most under-appreciated part: I'm going to defend Denise Richards as Christmas Jones. Although no Ursula Andress, Richards is absolutely gorgeous and did not actively make Bond's mission more difficult, which is more than some Bond girls can say *cough Britt Ekland. In particular, I found her introductory scene to be quite memorable and convincing. Also, the Christmas quip at the end is quite cheeky.

Tier 4: Solid
  1. The Living Daylights:
- Why it's this high: Dalton brings a breath of fresh air to the franchise here. His more serious take makes for interesting movies that seem more unique than most. I'm happy to see this subreddit appreciate Dalton more than the casual fun does, but I wouldn't go as far as the Dalton fanboys and say he's the best Bond or anything like that. I do wish he got the role sooner and did more films. Moving on to Daylights, it's got a good intro for Dalton and good plot in general. Surprisingly, Bond's fidelity doesn't bother me one bit, as it actually makes sense that Kara falls in love with James by the end, given all they've gone through.
- Why it's not higher: The biggest reason is that the villain is just terrible. Whitaker seems silly and pathetic, a terrible contrast to Dalton's serious nature. I think Whitaker might be the worst in the series, and a Bond movie can't be great without a good villain. Also, Dalton doesn't have much charm and is abysmal at one-liners, which, in my opinion, IS a facet of the perfect James Bond.
- Most under-appreciated part: The Aston Martin Vantage is a beautiful car, and the chase scene across the ice is great! It's both exciting and funny! Not sure why people don't talk about this chase scene and this car more; it's arguably the highlight of the movie for me.

  1. Thunderball: The Most Beautiful
- Why it's this high: Thunderball used to be top five for me and here is why. The underwater scenes, the setting, the score, and the Bond girls are beautiful even to this day. Domino is excellent, while Volpe is a tour de force, oozing sexuality and danger. I think the underwater parts are interesting and novel, creating a staple of sorts for the franchise. The DB 5 is always welcome, and the jetpack use was quite cool for the time (and to some extent now).
- Why it's not higher: Some would say it's boring, while I would more generously admit the plot is slow. Furthermore, the theme song is all-time bad (apparently they could have used Johnny Cash!!!), and there is no great henchman for Bond to dispatch.
- Most under-appreciated part: Two plot ideas I liked a lot: Bond being injured and needing rehab, plus the part where all the 00s meet up and then are sent to the corners of the globe.

  1. Never Say Never Again: Guilty Pleasure
- Why it's this high: Rewatching Never for the third time, I was struck by how fun this movie is. It's exciting, funny, and fast-paced. Basically, it's a more exciting version of Thunderball, with better pacing and better humor. I think Irvin Kershner did a great job managing this star studded cast. Carrera is a firecracker as Blush, Sydow is a convincing Blofeld, and Basinger is a classic Bond girl. Connery clearly has a blast returning to the role, doing a great job despite his advanced age. If anything, this one might not be ranked high enough.
- Why it's not higher: The music is terrible. Normally I don't notice these things, but one can't help but notice how dreadful this one is. The theme is awful as well. I'd argue this is the worst music of any Bond film.
- Most under-appreciated part: The humor! This is one of the funniest Bonds, as I found myself laughing out loud at various parts (e.g. Mr Bean!).

  1. The Spy Who Loved Me: Best Intro
- Why it's this high: There's a lot to love about this one, so I get why this ranks highly for many. It is simply the best introduction, starting with Bond romancing a woman, followed by a skii chase, then jumping off the cliff and pulling the Union Jack parachute! The Lotus is a top 3 Bond car. Jaws is a superb henchman. Triple X was an excellent Bond girl, deadly, charming, and beautiful. Of course, Moore is charming and the locations are exotic (Egypt was a cool locale). If I had to pick one Moore movie for a newcomer to watch, it would be this one.
- Why it's not higher: The theme song is bad, and Stromberg is a below average villain. I also think the last 45 minutes or so of the movie kind of drags.
- Most under-appreciated part: The whole dynamic between Bond and Triple X is great. Whenever Bond movies show Bond squaring off against other spies (see View to a Kill, Goldeneye) it's just a pleasure to watch.

  1. Live and Let Die: Most Suave
- Why it's this high: Roger Moore superbly carves out his own take on Bond in an excellent addition to the franchise. The boat chase is my favorite in the series, and Live and Let Die is my second favorite theme. Jane Seymour is a good Bond girl, while Tee Hee and Kananga are a solid villain/henchman duo. Unpopular opinion: I find J.W. Pepper to be hilarious.
- Why it's not higher: The introduction isn't very good, as Bond isn't even included! The second climax with the voodoo isn't great. Bond blowing up Kananga has aged terribly.
- Most under-appreciated part: When Bond is visited in his apartment by M and Moneypenny, Bond rushes to hide his girl from his coworkers. Finally, when they leave and he unzips the dress with his magnetic watch is one of the best uses of a Bond gadget in the series, showcasing why Moore might be the most charming Bond of them all.

  1. You Only Live Twice: Best Blofeld
- Why it's this high: Just your classic, fun Sean Connery Bond movie. It was a great decision to send Bond to Japan for his first Asian visit, giving the movie a fresh feel. The ending set piece battle is potentially the best of this staple of 60s/70s Bonds. Tiger Tanaka is one of Bond's cooler allies. Pleasance killed it as Blofeld; when I think of Blofeld, I think of his take. In what could have been cheesy, he is actually somewhat frightening.
- Why it's not higher: The whole "we need to make you look Japanese" part seems both unrealistic (who is he really fooling?) plus surprisingly impotent coming from Tiger Tanaka who seems to be a competent and connected man otherwise. Honestly though, this movie doesn't have a major weakness.
- Most under-appreciated part: The fight scene with the guard in the executive's office is probably the best hand-to-hand fight in the series up until that point.

Tier 3: Excellent
  1. Dr. No: The Most Spy-Like
- Why it's this high: Nearly 60 years later, this film is still a blast to watch, due in no small part to its focus on the little things of being a spy. I adore the scenes where Bond does the little things spies (presumably) do, such as putting a hair across the door, or showing Bond playing solitaire while waiting to spring his trap on Prof. Dent. I also enjoy the suspense of Bond sleuthing around the island, while he and the viewer are completely unaware of whom the villain is until quite late in the film. It's easy to take for granted now, but this film established so many series traditions that were ingenious. My personal favorite is Bond's introduction at the card table: "Bond .... James Bond."
- Why it's not higher: The film just doesn't have the payoff it deserves. Maybe it's just a result of the time and budget, but from the point Bond escapes on, it's just mediocre. Particularly egregious is the "fight" between Dr. No and Bond where No meets his demise.
- Most under-appreciated part: Ursula Andress was a surprisingly well developed Bond girl, with a shockingly violent backstory (she was raped!). Obviously, she is beautiful and the beach scene is iconic, but I was pleasantly surprised to conclude she is more than just eye candy.

  1. License to Kill: The Grittiest
- Why it's this high: On my first watch, this was my least favorite Bond film, as I thought it was too dark and violent to befit 007. By my third time watching, I've decided it's actually one of the best. Fortunately, I don't have to go on my "Ackshually, Dalton did a good job" rant with this subreddit. I liked the wedding intro and the concept of a revenge arc for Leiter (although come on he should've been killed by a freaking shark). Also, Lamora and (especially) Bouvier are great Bond girls. Bouvier is both competent and beautiful, and it's great to see Bond choose her at the end.
- Why it's not higher: The theme song is atrocious, Dalton is so angry (dare I say charmless?) the whole time it's almost puzzling why Bouvier and Lamora fall for him, and Bond doesn't use any cool vehicles.
- Most under-appreciated part: Sanchez is actually a sneaky good Bond villain.

  1. For Your Eyes Only: The Most Underrated
- Why it's this high: I think Moore is a bit underrated as Bond. Yes, he was too old towards the end and yes, his movies were at times too campy, but he himself played the role admirably. He was the most charming and witty of all the Bonds, so by the time he got his first relatively serious plot to work with, he hit it out of the park. Anyhow, the climactic mountaintop assault is one of my favorite Bond action climaxes. Columbo is one of the best Bond allies, and the plot twist where he turns out to be good and Kristatos bad was well-done.
- Why it's not higher: The intro is just silly. Bibi's romantic infatuation with Bond is just ...er... uncomfortable?
- Most under-appreciated part: The theme song is a banger. What a chorus!

Tier 2: Exceptional
  1. Skyfall: The Sharpest Film (From Plot to Aesthetics)
- Why it's this high: One of the best plots of the entire series. The idea of an older Bond who had lost a step, along with making M the focus point of the movie, works very well. Seeing Bond's childhood home is also pretty cool. Bardem's take on Silva is delightful and a lot of fun to watch. Even the cinematography is a series peak, while Adele's them is excellent.
- Why it's not higher: One thing most Craig Bond films suffer from is the lack of a Bond-worthy henchman. Skyfall is no exception. More importantly, Bond girls are mostly irrelevant to the film. Yes, Severine is both beautiful and interesting, but she's scarcely twenty minutes of the film.
- Most under-appreciated part: Setting the new supporting characters up nicely. The Moneypenny backstory was well-done. Casting Ralph Fiennes as the new M is a great choice in of itself, but he also got a nice chuck of background story to help us going forward.

  1. Casino Royale: The First Bond Film I'd Show a Series Newcomer
- Why it's this high: Craig's take on Bond feels like a breath of fresh air. In particular, his hand-to-hand combat scenes are so much better (and more believable) than any other Bond. The parkour chase scene is one of the best chase scenes in the series. Le Chifre is an excellent villain, but, more importantly, Vesper is an all-time great Bond girl. The conversation between Vesper and Bond on the train is probably the most interesting of any film. Bonus points for Jeffrey Wright as Leiter and the Aston Martin DBS.
- Why it's not higher: There are hardly any humorous parts or much charm displayed by Bond in general. More importantly, the movie should have just ended when Bond wakes up in rehab. The rest of the movie feels confused and superfluous.
- Most under-appreciated part: The decision to change from chemin de fer to poker makes for much better (and understandable!) cinema. The poker scenes are the best of Bond's many gambling scenes throughout the series.

  1. Goldeneye: The Most Fun
- Why it's this high: Wow, rewatching Goldeneye I was struck by how entertaining the whole thing is. The opening jump is breath taking, the scene where Bond drives his evaluator around is hilarious, and Xenia Onatopp is a livewire. Sean Bean is a formidable villain as 006, and a great foil to James. Bond and Judi Dench's first scene together is amazing. Goldeneye feels like the first modern Bond, yet so true to the predecessors. Wade and especially Zukovsky are excellent allies.
- Why it's not higher: Simonova is a forgettable Bond girl. She's not annoying, unattractive, or acted poorly, but is just below average in most regards (looks, back story, chemistry with Bond, plot).
- Most under-appreciated part: the action is just so much better than any Bond before it

  1. From Russia with Love: The Best Henchman (Red Grant)
- Why it's this high: Interesting settings, beautiful women, and an engaging story make this a classic. I'm not the first to point out that the scenes with Grant and Bond aboard the train are some of the best in the entire series. Grant is one of the few villains who feels like a match for 007. Furthermore, the addition of Desmond Llewyn as Q was crucial and Kerim Bey is one of the better Bond allies.
- Why it's not higher: The helicopter scene should've just been omitted, especially when combined with the subsequent boat chase. It's just awkward to watch.
- Most under-appreciated part: The gypsy scenes are quite exotic and entertaining.

  1. On Her Majesty's Secret Service: The Most Heartfelt
- Why it's this high: James and Tracy's love story is charming, and when she dies at the end, this is the one and only time in the entire series where the viewer feels genuinely sad. Diana Rigg did an excellent job convincing the audience Bond could finally fall in love with one girl. The skiing scenes were beautifully filmed, and the score was exemplary. Personally, I quite liked Lazenby's take; however, some of his lines and jokes fall flat. To his credit, he looks and acts like Bond more than any other actor.
- Why it's not higher: Honestly, it does drag at times in the first half, plus there is no theme song!
- Most under-appreciated part: Bond's Aston Martin DBS is a beautiful car, combining 60's sports-car beauty with Aston Martin's elegance.

Tier 1: The Best
  1. Goldfinger: The quintessential Bond
- Why it's this high: From the opening ("Positively shocking") to the seduction of Pussy Galore at the end, this film has it all. Goldfinger is an all time great villain, while Odd Job is an exceptional henchman. Connery delivers a master performance, and drives THE classic Bond Car, ejector seat included. The reason I put it #1 is not necessarily because it is the best film (although it is great), it checks all the boxes of what a perfect Bond film should do.
- Why it's not higher: I cannot think of any notable imperfections.
- Most under-appreciated part: The golf scene between Bond and Goldfinger is a delight to watch, demonstrating Bond's wits for the first and only time on the golf course.
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Reddit, which James Bond song (Played at the opening credits) is your favorite?

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Appreciation Thread: Don (1978) was ahead of its time

I had wanted to write this for a while since Amitabh Bachchan's Don is one of my favorites Bollywood movies and perhaps favorite Amitabh movie.
I think Don was an amazing movie in many aspects. It would be wrong to call it underrated but I think the movie deserves even more praise. I'd go through why one by one.
  1. Music/Theme: The songs were good but the theme music was just great and ahead of its time. One of my favorite original themes from Bollywood. It was also sampled by Black Eyed Peas' "Don't Phunk with My Heart" (2005)[8] and used in the American Dad! episode "Tearjerker" (2008)
  2. Story: Since we have watched it so many times it may not feel amazing today but I feel the plot was great and original for a movie in 1978. Although the film does loses its charm in the last 20-30 minutes because it becomes like the typical Bollywood action ending of that time. This is where I feel SRK's Don did better by bringing the original Don is alive angle.
  3. Antihero: Amitabh's Don is perhaps one of the finest examples of antiheroes in Bollywood. Since the character is short-lived I feel that impact is reduced compared to other popular antiheroes. But the impact is great nonetheless. All credits to Amitabh for his portrayal.
  4. Timeless character: Amitabh's Don IMO is one of the earliest characters in Bollywood that is as relevant today as it was at that time. SRK's Don was successful and made in the first place for the same reason. The audience would still connect with the character today because it is timeless. Amitabh's Don feels like James Bond just in a negative role. James Bond may have been an inspiration too. Cool, Suave, Badass. It has just the right amount of these things that it doesn't look macho or a Gunda. I think it was one of the earliest characters in Bollywood which pull this off so well. Again props to Amitabh.
  5. Color grading: I am a fan of Don's color grading. It is consistent, retro and catchy. You can see a scene and tell that it might be from Don.
  6. Opening sequence: The opening sequence of Don is one of my favorites in Bollywood. It sets the tone for the movie perfectly and is the perfect intro for Don. And I especially love the way the briefcase explodes and there is a switch to the negative reel like credit sequence. Casino Royale's credit sequence and the way Mission Impossible series starts its credits by a relevant scene transition to a firecracker with awesome music are some of my favorite examples of this technique and Don does it brilliantly for that time.
There are other obvious reasons like the acting by the cast etc which made the movie so good.
Original Don gave so much to SRK's Don on a silver platter that people forget that the original was made 3 decades back and was an original take. SRK's Don does one thing better though which is the spoiler I mentioned above and I feel it really elevates the movie.
I think Don is one of the best Bollywood movies and it was ahead of its time.
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A Serious Critique of Billie Eilish's "No Time to Die"

I'm pretty let down by Billie Eilish's "No Time to Die (NTTD)" release. I've given it more listens than I care to admit to understand why and was still reluctant to share this review when I wrote it yesterday. But I changed my mind to share a serious critique of the song. I had to make a separate post in order to accurately convey my points about this song.
In this, I'm comparing it to title songs released during the Daniel Craig-installments as I'd find it unfair to compare more modern releases to classics. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to say this is the worst James Bond song ever released. There are certain issues with other Craig-era releases, but let's keep the scope around NTTD. I will, however, cite Monty Norman/John Barry's iconic 007 theme because it's the musical constant to every James Bond film and is reproduced for modern scores.
I will admit the piano melody that permeates through the song is hypnotic and introspective. That garnered a thumbs up from me. I expected Billie Eilish and her co-producebrother Finneas O'Connell to add beats and signature ASMR inflections to the NTTD production. What a sigh of relief this was never indulged. The song is good in terms of making a major attempt to write music in the veins of James Bond. I would argue that Muse's "Supremacy" and Radiohead's "Spectre" (all released during the era of Craig, for those who have not heard them) should be considered great examples of how bands can get James Bond right, outside of a film's demands.
But onto the arguments.
Argument One:
Eilish's NTTD release lacks all the energy, charisma, or action that attributes 007. It's not memorable or even aware of the character it was made for. NTTD subverts the identity of James Bond.
Bond's complicated story does demand an introspective character study and we can argue that. The song imagines the depressing thoughts of a man facing grim revelations of the woman he loves and we can argue NTTD embodies this struggle. But this is the flagship song of the entire film. It ignores all the elements of what makes Bond a certified action hero that previous Craig-era themes held. To see him get depressed over a woman has already been done. Get rid of the bravado and you defeat what fans love most about the character.
Let's fast-forward. It's opening day and you're sitting in your movie theater seats ready for the film to begin. Now, I won't assume to know how the cold open of NTTD (film) will begin. But its four Craig predecessors make absolute use of an action sequence. So I will assume NTTD (film) will start off the same. If Bond is truly in retirement as the ending of Spectre has us guessing, we'll imagine this scene is carried by actress Lashana Lynch's Nomi character.
This action sequence has surely got to live up to each of the cold open sequences to its predecessors. There was also something fresh and new the viewer could take in (a parkour running sequence, a massive city parade done in a single take) or something that shocked and surprised us (double MI6 agents or Bond being shot and gravely wounded). Now imagine NTTD's cold open has surpassed viewer expectation and we cut to this thin dirge of a track. Snorefest.
I came across u/bahnzo's comment who described Eilish's NTTD perfectly. It's a slow burn to a burnout. Precisely my feelings. This is Bond's final outing as Bond! We want to be on the edge of our seats with all cylinders firing! "You Know My Name (YKMN)" brought us to the edge of our seats. We knew something good was about to transpire. At least "Skyfall" wasted no time burning the whole world down.
Argument Two:
Billie Eilish's NTTD is nothing but derivative of Sam Smith's "Writing's on the Wall (WotW)" and Adele's "Skyfall." (I'm aware of other arrangers/orchestrators collaborating on title tracks, but they'll be referred to as composites whenever I mention a singer whose name is stamped on the track.) NTTD also unabashedly steals - not refers - from the iconic 007 theme from Monty Norman/John Barry.
Let's start with the Norman/Barry. It takes two major cues - the signature horn phrase and the end guitar arpeggio (timestamp 1:00 and 3:50 in NTTD, respectively). They aren't reimagined. They're simply there to remind listeners they're listening to a Bond theme, not emphasize it. That's insulting to fans and casual listeners. Go back and listen to the other title track predecessors and you'll find that they don't need to rely on these musical cues in verbatim. You as a listener knew exactly who the subject was about. (If you listened to Muse's "Supremacy," you would've picked up clever nods to Paul McCartney and Wing's "Live and Let Die," and the jangly surf-guitar and ending arpeggio from the 007 theme. They're not stolen, they're redesigned for the modern listener.)
Now I mentioned WotW and "Skyfall." NTTD is weak in comparison because it doesn't feel like a Bond theme worthy of the Bond mythos. I'm not going to go into detail about the arrangement. They're all very similar, however NTTD's two predecessors ooze orchestral themes that scream Bond. I argue NTTD lacks that complexity. "Skyfall" reminds me of that big-band Sinatra suave we've known from Bond's early days as a film character.
But let's examine the derivative elements. First, "Skyfall." From 3:22-3:31 of Eilish's NTTD, you can hear her ad lib Adele's vocal style. It's awkward and forced. Compare that to Adele's vocal crescendo in "Skyfall" from 4:22 to the end. Adele's reaching for the sky and bringing it down. Eilish just considers the idea.
Now WotW. Listen to Eilish at 1:47-2:02. She sings a frail melody accompanied by a piano right before she shifts to the lyrics' title words. Where have we heard that before? Sam Smith does the exact same thing in his track from 1:28-1:58. How eerily similar. Let me emphasize that with what Eilish does right before this point. She attempts to build a crescendo from 1:34-1:47 in her track right before the dainty vocal/piano section. Sam Smith already did a big crescendo on his track from 1:15-1:27 before sinking into that light frailness earlier mentioned. Like Adele, Smith delivers. Eilish just wants you to know her nose is bleeding.
Seriously let's remind ourselves that Eilish just won a massive musical award and she still can't manage to distinguish her talent for a Bond song. Her writing plays it too safe for Bond's own liking. Is it dangerously close to theft?
Argument Three:
All of NTTD's predecessors hit Bond's themes with fury and grandiosity. WotW and "Skyfall" return to that big band DNA. "Skyfall" cleverly reimagines the world as a collapsing burning building, i.e. Bond's childhood home. Alicia Keys and Jack White's "Another Way to Die (AWtD)" (please hold your criticisms) capitalized on Bond's complicated role as a man in service of his country, a cold-blooded killer, a womanizer. It's as though Bond were a musical genre operating in a grey area. Is he rock? Is he metal? Is he electronic?
Chris Cornell's YKMN is still the ballsiest interpretation of Bond to date. Bond is brutal, cold, determined, but loyal at any cost. Any line in Cornell's lyrics will do. But Cornell sings, "Arm yourself because no one else/Here will save you/The odds will betray you/And I will replace you."
"I will replace you?!" Bond's profession is nothing personal to his enemies. It's just business as usual.
Eilish's take on Bond embodies too much of that lonely, damaged girl with a piano we've been hearing too much of today. You know, the same singers doing creepy renditions of songs for movies and TV trailers. (See Nouela, "Black Hole Sun," SHEL, "Enter Sandman," ConfidentialMX, "I Started A Joke.") Yeah, Eilish has got the dark mood right but still lacks any true understanding of James Bond.
NTTD's lyrics read like a juvenile's diary of losing love. At best, it's out of place because it reads more like an open letter to Vespyr Lynd, not Madeline Swann (as the movie trailers hint). But Bond has already played his hand of how he feels about her.
"Job's done. The bitch is dead," - in a phone call between Bond and M at the end of Casino Royale
This gets punctuated again when he abandons Vespyr's Algerian Loveknot in the snow at the end of Quantam of Solace. And if you still think he hasn't made his point, there's the Secret Room scene of Spectre. Bond is going through a series of videotapes and comes across one labeled "Vespyr Lynd - Interrogation." Madeline Swann looks at him as he paused at the words. "What is it," she asks.
He tosses the tape into a pile. "Nothing," and walks away, never seeming to give it a thought in the film ever again. How much colder could Bond feel about this woman? How could he care any less? He has truly let her and her betrayal go. It's no use to him.
This song does beg the question: Does Vespyr Lynd's story continue to tie in with Madeline Swann and this new villain? I think we're beating a dead horse here.
But what's my point about Lynd? This song exists in Bond's past. He's not likely to roll over about another woman betraying him. The film is seizing on the young singer's current stardom and comes up short with results.
Think about Johnny Marr and Hans Zimmer's involvement in the song. I was very much excited to hear about Marr. I thought this is it! Marr will deliver a heavyweight guitar riff to bring us to the edge and perfectly underscore our superspy. Instead, we get Marr replicating the piano melody. Sure, he adds weight to the measure but never does his guitar get to take on a life of its own.
What a waste to hear Marr's guitar was limited to a forgettable four to five notes. I'm a musician. I can play guitar. I would've played that for free.
Plus, the mixing between Marr's guitar and the signature Bond chord at the end doesn't even match. Feels more like copy and paste at the sound producer's desk.
I assume Billie Eilish and Finneas O'Connell didn't need Johnny Marr or Hans Zimmer to write this song. I'm happy for the attempt, but even this song still has more Billie than Bond DNA. After all, a press release stated Hans Zimmer was there to fill in gaps.
I still see gaps.
Without the lifts from Norman/Barry, this was a song is a boring, juvenile take on Bond. I would rank it at the bottom between AWtD and WotW. Again, the song itself is a slow burn that burns out. We've already seen Sam Smith take on the depressing theme. Eilish is just beating this dead horse. What a waste of a musical sendoff for Daniel Craig. It lacks teeth. It lacks danger. It's just Billie Eilish copying Sam Smith copying Adele.
Imagine mom and dad took their showers individually before Billie's turn to get in. All that hot water you expected to rush in is now lukewarm.
Thanks all for reading. I look forward to additional discussions.
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What is the best Soundtrack?

I’ve recently purchased most of the James Bond LP records and have been listening through them over drinks. I’ve come to the conclusion that these are my favorites. Keep in mind I’m looking at the entire album and not just the title Song. Most of the 80s Bonds stick out because they have 2-3 legit songs on them that you forgot about. Dr. No and from Russia with love are also very heavily influenced by the James Bond Monty Norman theme at they are played in some variation multiple times.
  1. For Your Eyes Only
  2. License to Kill
  3. The Spy Who Loved Me
  4. The Living Daylights
  5. Dr. No
  6. From Russia With Love
  7. A View to a Kill
  8. Casino Royale
  9. Skyfall
  10. Diamonds Are Forever
Soundtracks that surprised me as not being that great all the way through....
Goldfinger Octopussy Live and Let Die You Only Live Twice
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So I just watched all these Bond films for the first time and ranked them

I've seen the Brosnan/Craig era films but I never saw the originals. Currently watching in order, and here's my rankings. Tell me if it lines up with the general consensus. I'm not including the ones I've seen previously that I mentioned. I'm going to rank them when I rewatch them (Goldeneye, Casino Royale, etc.)
Casino Royale - This movie is too damn perfect. I remember watching it once when it came out and I haven't really seen it in full since then, but this time I got to really appreciate how amazing it is. What made OHMSS so great, this movie did better with the Bond/Vesper dynamic. Bond was as human as he could ever be in this movie, ranging from his flaws to his emotions to his mission. Not a single gadget was used in this movie, yet it didn't need any. Bond was as Bond as he could ever be. The homages to previous films weren't forced either like others (*cough*Die Another Day*cough*). I particularly loved the new take on the barrel sequence being Bond's first kill as a 00 agent, going right into the theme song (which is also one of my favorites). There's nothing too crazy in this film, just a good ol' fashion spy film with some good action sprinkled in between. This was the perfect balance of everything that makes Bond, cementing the fact that this is the best Bond film period. And I have to add this in here - "now the whole world is going to know you died scratching my balls" is quite possibly one of the greatest lines in the history of everything, let alone it being my favorite line in this series. Classic James Bond right there, as with everything in this movie. Being that I'm pretty positive at this point nothing is going to top this, I'm going over the scale here. 11/10
GoldenEye - I saw this movie growing up, so I tried to be as objective as possible so that it didn't take away from the following film with my own nostalgia. But as much as I tried to make the case that this wasn't the best Bond film so far, I couldn't. This movie is phenomenal. It is not only one of the best Bond films, but honestly one of the best action films period. Brosnan arguably had the best debut performance out of all the Bond actors before him. You could actually see the emotional turmoil he had for Alec's "death" and the eventual realization of his betrayal. Sean Bean is the epitome of a Bond villain, portraying 006 with perfection. Xenia is arguably the best Bond henchman ever, let alone being a henchwoman. Boris probably the best comedic relief of the series as well, and let's not underrate Gottfried John's performance as General Orumov. An absolute superb showing from everyone involved, in a plot that exemplifies Bond's strengths and weaknesses and highlights the theme M alludes to of Bond being a relic of the Cold War. Natalya wasn't a bad sidekick either, being able to hold her own throughout. The fact that they had to run with a plot completely void of Fleming's influence turned out to be a miracle that it ended up actually saving the franchise. Forgive me if any nostalgia may have gotten in the way of reviewing this, but I can't argue against it being the best so far considering it contained so many "bests-of" of the series itself (006,Xenia,the surrounding cast). Might have to go back and play the videogame when everything is said and done. 10/10
OHMSS - Without a doubt the best film up to this point so far. Great plot and chemistry between the actors. Best Blofeld imo, and so far the best Bond girl. You actually get to see Bond's emotions for the first time, and probably the most down to earth version of him. Loved the setting as well. Lazenby is criminally underrated and wish he stuck around. There's a lot of this movie that I can't really put into words how great it is. Just watch it yourself and you'll see why. 10/10
The Living Daylights - Holy crap, this was an amazing film. Dalton arguably nailed the first impression better than the ones before him. Maryam d'Abo put up an amazing performance as well. This was a film where the girl finally can hold her own and do some ballsy stuff, and actually saves Bond's life a few times. The film was action packed, but it also had some great espionage scenes throughout making this a true Bond film. Nothing crazy, just a few gadgets that are used sparingly and in ways that pay off. To be quite honest, it came really close to dethroning OHMSS. The one thing OHMSS has that sets it over the edge is seeing Bond's human element at his most vulnerable. The chemistry between Lazenby and Rigg was a bit better as well, but nothing to overshine Dalton/d'Abo's performance. Another one of those underrated classics that don't get enough mention, along with the following film after this on the list. Just a superb film through in and out. 10/10
For Your Eyes Only - I've never seen anyone put this movie on a pedestal before or even give it the amount of praise some of the other films received. But wow, this was a hidden gem and just an awesome standalone film, even if you forget it's James Bond. Another movie with great chemistry, albeit I wish Melina's actress could act better. But at least she made for a very competent and awesome Bond girl. It's awesome to see a girl in these films that can handle their own and not have to rely on Bond for everything. Julian Glover is an awesome villain too. Roger Moore was at his peak here imo. I love this movie. 10/10
Goldfinger - I see why people love this film. You got the entertaining villains. Bond's gadgetry really shines here, and it doesn't become overwhelmingly ridiculous like in later films. There's some great dialogue too, so even in the scenes with zero action you still are entertained. Connery was at his peak here and never quite matched it again. Honestly nothing left to say that hasn't already been said about this film. I wasn't entertained by it as my top two though, but probably the closest one. 10/10
The Spy Who Loved Me - There's a noticeable dropoff imo in how much I was entertained by the top three and this film. Still, it's a great film and it has the campy charm of the Roger Moore era while still maintaining a realistic approach. I wish Anya shined more in this film. The first half it had me believing she would be Bond's match but in the 2nd half she clearly played 2nd fiddle to everything and I was disappointed by that. The action scenes were awesome, although the ending was quite anticlimactic. Honestly a lot of this movie has lost potential, but it makes up for it with everything else. Also Jaws. 9/10
Octopussy - Wow. This blew away my expectations, all things considered since this movie was panned heavily by critics and what I thought was the general consensus among Bond fans. This is actually a great film. There was a lot of cliche moments and some cheesy quips by Bond and company, but that aside the movie kept me entertained all the way through. Another one of those realistic plots, this time returning to some nice Cold War action. I mean, aside from the ridiculous Octopussy cult but it's a Bond film so you kinda sort of have to expect that. It also threw me off a few times. From the beginning I thought General Orlov was going to be the big bad, but turns out he was just sort of a pawn for Khan's money making scheme. I appreciate that sort of twist, along with the good amount of memorable henchman in this film. Maud Adams was much better this go around than in TMWTGG as well. And as hilariously ridiculous Bond in a clown suit was, I've sort of grown to appreciate that sort of charm from the Moore era. As long the movies don't focus on these types of antics the entire time (see: Moonraker), it's good for a laugh in-between all the seriousness of the movie. Also Q gets some field time, which is awesome. 9/10
Thunderball - Less campy than Goldfinger and back down to earth like the earlier films, which isn't a bad thing because I actually prefer those types of Bond films. But it sort of drags on. There's some decent action here as well, like the underwater fight scene and Bond infiltrating Largo's villa. But aside from that, way too much water and way too much running around doing seemingly nothing. If they polished the movie a bit more and cut down on some scenes, noticeably the beginning at the rehab and the parade scene...this could have been a fantastic film, because the entire cast is awesome. Loved Largo as a villain and Leiter's portrayal as Bond's sidekick. Domino was one of my favorite Bond girls while watching this (RIP Claudine Auger). Fiona was a pretty awesome femme fatale. Overall still a great movie, just could have been executed a lot better. 9/10
Quantum of Solace - I liked this film a lot. I knew going in it wasn't going to be as good as Casino Royale, and that was okay. A lot of people thought this movie was disappointing, but I couldn't disagree more. It was a satisfying conclusion to the Vesper saga left on a cliffhanger of the previous film. The parallels between Camille and Bond seeking revenge for the deaths of a loved one played out quite well in this movie, allowing Bond to see a reflection of himself in her and eventually giving him the strength to not kill Vesper's boyfriend who turns out to be a member of Quantum abusing women in foreign intelligence to get information. That and also the countless times he needed to be reminded to not kill everybody he sees by M, it all coming together as a growing process for him to become more calculated in his actions instead of shoot first act later. That being said, this movie suffered a deal from the writer's strike. I sincerely believe with more time and dedication into finishing this movie proper, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace would have been an amazing 1-2 punch that could probably have gone hand-in-hand on most people's best lists. The movie seems very rushed at times, and at other times the pace is fine. It's a weird up-and-down roller coaster of driving the plot that kind of takes away from an otherwise good film. However knowing that they did the best they could work with given the writer's strike, I'm willing to give some of that a pass, because as I stated before the plot and themes themselves were fantastic. Overall still on the top level of Bond films, just disappointing we didn't get what we should have gotten. 8.5/10
Licence to Kill - This was a fun film. James Bond going rogue to avenge Felix Leiter? Count me in. Absolutely loved the fact Q got a lot of field work in this film. There were a lot of notable henchmen as well, including a young Benicio del Toro who I didn't even recognise until about midway through the movie. Robert Davi stole the show though, what an underrated villain for the series. There's a lot of good action scenes balanced with some classic espionage throughout as well. All of that being said, it doesn't set itself apart really from the aforementioned films. Dalton was a step down from his previous film, almost acting as if he was already through with the series. A shame, considering how great he portrayed Bond in TLD. The cheesy love triangle between Pam and Lupe was sort of annoying too. And the Scanners bit with Krest's head exploding was honestly so ridiculous that it made me forget I was even watching a Bond film for a few. That's the issue with this movie was that it was more like Die Hard than it was James Bond, which isn't necessarily a bad thing from an entertainment standpoint but in comparison it just comes off as a B-level action movie. This movie could have been executed a lot better, considering the talent and the original plot to work with. 8/10
Live and Let Die - Okay, I'm sort of a sucker for the Blaxpoitation genre and honestly as ridiculous as it was to pair Bond with the height of that era, in a vacuum this movie is actually pretty entertaining. Yaphet Kotto was awesome in this film as the main villain, but so were his henchmen. There's some awesome action scenes in this movie too, and most of the movie is still in the realm of believability so that's a plus too. But that's where this stops. Dear god this movie probably didn't age well in terms of tact. Rosie Carver was the first black Bond girl and she was...yeah she was pretty awful and dumb. The occultism stuff was cringy, especially considering that it doesn't even line up with the region. A lot of the dialogue coming from black characters were clearly written by old white guys that never actually heard a black person speak. Then there's the sheriff...hoo boy. The racial aspect aside, Solitaire's character could have been written a lot better. She shows signs of independence towards the middle of the film but then completely relies upon Bond for everything. Also rigging the deck was probably the 2nd worst thing Bond has ever done, and that's only because he borderline rapes Pussy Galore in Goldfinger. So yeah, forgive me for pandering but a lot of this movie's shining moments is weighed down by its antiquated garbage. Also never bring magic back into this franchise ever again please. All in all, it's still a great movie and I was highly entertained throughout. 8/10
The World is Not Enough - This movie started out strong. Strong enough potentially to be a top Bond film. You had an interesting setup with Elektra possibly being Stockholm syndrome'd by Renard, with Sophie Marceau doing a superb job at portraying a deceitful lover of Bond. Then you had M having a personal involvement in the whole case, showing the consequences of being the "queen of numbers". There's a lot of underlying themes here that callback on previous films, which I like. But then Christmas Jones happens. What the hell was Eon thinking? Denise Richards hands down has to be the worst actress to ever be a part of this franchise, and her "acting" really shows. None of what she says is believable at all and it's hard for me to believe she's a nuclear physicist. And she's not really useful at all if you think about it, because we know from past films Bond can diffuse a nuclear bomb quite well (TSWLM, Octopussy). So clearly she was just thrown in as a deus ex machina for Bond to have another lover while having an excuse for having a sidekick for the mission. Makes me think they wrote her in last minute because dumb test audiences didn't like that the only Bond girl was a villain, which I'm pulling out of my ass which is as equally comparable to how they wrote the 2nd half of the film. Yeah, Zukovsky just so happens to have a nephew as a submarine captain in the one city they need to blow up. Bullion just so happens to work for Elektra and be his chauffeur, as if hiring him wouldn't throw up any red flags in the first place. Let's hand a clock that clearly fell off the floor because of M back to her and that clock can easily be manipulated into a GPS signal with a locator device. There's probably other instances of lazy writing and lucky coincidences that plagues the 2nd half of this movie, but like its script I'm too lazy to recall them. And then we get the infamous "I thought Christmas only comes once a year" line to end the movie, which might actually be enough on its own to drop the score of this movie. Overall if it wasn't for the first half this movie would be a lot lower. It would be maybe a 5 if not for that, but overall it's a 7.5/10
Moonraker - This movie gets a lot of hate. And I understand why, because it is so ridiculous and is just a complete 180 from the beginning Connery days of the franchise. Trust me, I get that. But I'm willing to toss that aside in interest of actually seeing if I would be entertained by this movie and honestly, I was. It is so over the top fun and I appreciate that in terms of separating you from reality. If the film's goal was to be entertaining that maintains a level of insanity that doesn't get in the way of the experience, it pretty much nailed it. I'm not going to rank this movie any higher because it's still a Bond film, and it wouldn't be right to start reviewing this movie as if it was a separate entity entirely. So that's where the faults come in. This isn't James Bond. I don't understand how it got to this point when you look back at what Bond was supposed to be. The campiness is out of control, and while as I mentioned before I can appreciate that as a standalone film, it also just makes me feel like I'm watching Austin Powers. Goodnight is a cool character in premise, but her actress was so terrible I couldn't really get behind her. Drax was sort of cool I guess. The sacrificial lamb trope with Corinne was getting predictable at this point, though. In conclusion, it's an entertaining movie but they should have just focused on making an entirely different film separate from Bond. At least then it wouldn't have any expectations in the way, for better or worse. 7.5/10
A View to a Kill - This is one of those movies of the franchise they have all the right pieces for a great film, and it ends up so poorly executed. Did we really need to spend practically half the movie on a horse ranch? Why is 57 year old Roger Moore banging every girl he sees? What the hell was the point of May Day going to bed with him? And did we need an extra 10 minutes dedicated to a KGB agent attempting to steal a tape from Bond by seducing him only to fail and have it never get mentioned again? And as stupid James Bond going to space was, and seeing him in a clown suit...somehow him dangling off a firetruck and a blimp was more painfully cheesy and absurd to me. Perhaps it was just the fact it was just added in for meaningless action scenes and to pad the movie time, I don't know. And Midge is such a terrible actress and I really wish she wouldn't scream Bond's name so much. So why is this movie higher than the others? Max Zorin. He is hands down my favorite villain so far and I really wish he had more screen time and psychopathic moments. His backstory is cool too. Had I been in charge of the film I would have kept him alive for a future film, like make him a new Blofeld or something. Oh well, this movie is better than yellowface. 7/10
You Only Live Twice - This is when things are sort of getting bad. The first half? I actually loved it. Aki was pretty badass. I loved the action throughout the film so far and it had some great spy scenes as well. And then Aki dies and the film turns into Bond in yellowface blowing up volcanos with ninjas and some random Japanese girl in a bikini who serves zero purpose. I have nothing really left to say at this point, aside from thanking Donald Pleasance for giving us Dr. Evil. 7/10
Dr. No - I appreciate this film a lot. It sets the foundation for Bond and is a superb introduction into his character. Dr. No is an excellent villain and Honey Ryder represents the embodiment of what everyone is accustomed to expect of a classic Bond girl. From a historical perspective, this film means a lot to the franchise in so many ways and I can respect that. That being said, the movie is boring. When the film starts to pick up at Dr. No's island, it still seems like things just take forever. And while it finally pays off with the awesome back and forth between Bond and No at the dining room table, it just turns anticlimactic once Bond escapes his jail cell and eliminates No. The way he goes out is great, it's just I wish there was more interaction between the two. Also did they really need to kill Quarrel? 6.5/10
The Man with the Golden Gun - How did they mess this up so badly? The concept of the world's greatest assassin dueling against the world's greatest spy in a cat and mouse tale is such a superb idea. But instead we got Bond following Christopher Lee around for an hour and a half doing practically nothing aside from getting his mistress killed and fixing the mistakes Goodnight kept making. Also Goodnight sucks, I want to make this clear right now. She's not even in the realm of she's so bad she's funny. Like I'm convinced a producer thought having a dim-witted blonde at Bond's side was a great idea so they wrote her to be as dumb and offensive as possible. And kudos to them, because they pulled it off. Too bad it took away a lot of good from this movie. Like Christopher Lee's performance, arguably the best Bond villain so far in terms of acting. And Nick Nack, who made for a memorable henchman. But yeah, that's about it. Also the sheriff is back. Dear lord they botched this movie so bad. 4/10
From Russia with Love - Come at me with your pitchforks. I've seen this movie get placed as one of the best, if not the best Bond films of all-time. I've seen even a video game get made after it, which is crazy because it was so many years later. People always seem to answer the question of who Bond is to them and they say Connery in FRWL. And I can sort of understand that if you're there from the beginning or are really invested into the franchise, you can probably go back to this film and pick out the bits and pieces that make Bond so great and how Connery nailed it. I'm not arguing against the fact that this movie was important, because it was. But I'm going to be brutally honest - this movie is bad. I've said before I prefer the realistic down to earth take on Bond, but this one was a little too much for me. While the scene between Connery and Shaw on the train is probably one of my all-time favorite scenes of the franchise, most of the movie's dialogue is just drawn out banter between Bond and whomever about stuff that ultimately doesn't even matter. The pacing is so slow and it hardly ever seems as if Bond is accomplishing something. Tatiana goes from an interesting Russian spy to a completely dependent lover in less than two scenes. It's hard to even tell if she's putting up an act or if she really just failed her mission from the get-go and fell for Bond. I guess you could say that would mean she's putting up the deception well, but it's executed pretty poorly if that truly is the case. The gypsy camp part was a useless scene to pad out the movie and throw in some obligatory action to keep the viewer entertained. Red Grant could have been the Russian James Bond but really just stood around for most of the movie doing nothing until he actually meets Bond and then gets killed, so there's more poor execution on that end. The movie finally picks up at the end with the helicoptecar chase and the speedboat chase, but by then it's too little too late. I'm sorry guys, but this movie sucks. 4/10
Die Another Day - This movie is bad. And it's not even atrociously bad like the following films on this list. It's just such a forgettable movie, directed as if it was supposed to be a Fast and Furious film. No really, this movie may as well be part of that franchise. From the ridiculous slow motion and quick fast forward effects you'd see in every action movie of the mid-2000s, to the insanity of some magic gene splicing that can turn a North Korean colonel into an English playboy that can destroy the world with a solar beam while James Superbond drives around in an invisible car surfing on waves and avalanches in his spare time. You'd think with all this ridiculousness it could have some a value as a "so bad it's good" type of movie, but it really has none of that going for it. Because to be fair, the acting isn't too terrible. People gave Halle Berry shit for this movie but honestly she did fine considering what she had to work with. It's the most cookie cutter action film you could pick out from that era, with the littlest regard for it being a Bond movie. So with that in mind, it just comes out to be incredibly mediocre with zero replay value whatsoever. The only reason it's not as bad as the next two films is because the first 30 minutes of the film is pretty promising, along with there actually being a cohesive plot this time. 3/10
Diamonds Are Forever - This movie actually upsets me. One because it originally was supposed to be a revenge film for Lazenby's Bond to avenge Tracy's death. Two because Lazenby decided to leave and Irma Bunt's actress died, so rather than recasting her they decided to just throw Tracy's death into OHMSS as opposed to the intro to this movie and then recast Blofeld for the hell of it. And lastly because Connery puts a stain on his legacy as Bond by completely phoning it in with his performance here. That pain aside, there's no redeeming qualities about this movie at all. Tiffany Case is a Bond girl that barely passes an IQ test, so at least she's better than Goodnight. The movie was poorly edited and cut some many times you can barely follow the plot at times, then again who cares. Blofeld has clones now? So we're supposed to believe the real one was the one who got smacked around by Bond in a crane at the end of the movie? Which by the way, was so ridiculous I ended up laughing not for its intended effect but because of having it settle in how bad this movie was. Mr. Kidd Wint are just...ugh. Is there anything good about this movie? Yeah, Kanye West sampled the theme song and made one of his best songs. That's about it. Screw this film. 1/10
Tomorrow Never Dies - It was really hard for me to pick between DaF and this film as the absolute worst Bond film, but I had to settle for this one. Who wrote this movie, a 13 year old? The dialogue is absolutely terrible. All the forced cheesy innuendo aside, nothing in this script is believable regarding any sort of dialogue between any of the actors involved. The worst of it all was between Brosnan and Hatcher, which I'm willing to absolve their lack of chemistry with the fact that I am convinced a robot must have written the lines in their scenes together. Then there's the ridiculous plot. Yeah, it is scarily realistic now that the media can control so much of the public, but I'm talking about Pryce's plan. It is absolutely absurd to think his "reign" over foreign powers would last anything longer than a week tops. Unless we're living in a world where the entire global intelligence of every country has the IQ of the person who wrote this script, you know what forget it. This review was as physically exhausting as trying to get to the end of this movie was. I'll make this quick - Carver is the worst villain ever, Stamper is the worst henchman ever, and Wai Lin might one of the best Bond girls ever but not even she can save this from being the worst Bond film ever. Wai Lin was awesome enough to save this from being an absolute zero, though. 0.5/10
I'm onto Octopussy next, which I'm well aware of the hate it got. I also know Moore is close to a 60 year old clown in this movie at some point. I'm hoping it at least exceeds the very low bar the movie's reception has set for me.
Maybe I'll watch Never Say Never Again instead to save myself some possible misery.
E1: View to a Kill is next. I'm aware of this being another mediocre Bond film but I'm kind of excited to see Christopher Walken and May Day. It can't be that bad, could it?
E2: That was disappointing, as expected. Onto Dalton.
E3: Blown away by this one. I hear LTK is a noticeable decline from Daylights but hopefully it isn't too bad. Dalton was amazing so I'm looking forward to his 2nd and last entry.
E4: Killed three movies in a row with this one. Amazing, good, and awful. Onto TWINE.
E5: TWINE's done, onto Brosnan's last film and from what I remember, one of the worst Bond films ever.
E6: Almost done, just have Skyfall and Spectre left. The top is pretty much cemented as is the bottom. We'll see where these last two land.
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007 The Series

007 The Series

Brief Synopsis:
MI6 agent, James Bond, earns his 00 agent license to kill and becomes the infamous 007.
Create a streamlined episodic presentation of the Daniel Craig 007 era films. Each film will be broken up into 40-45 minute episodes with a focus on the espionage action.
Release Info:
Available Now
6mbps 5.1 MP4 files

Episode 001 – Ellipsis +Warning +FE Netflix bumper Cold intro of Bond earning his 00 license (removed fade in, now hard open) +Created background and mask to remove the barrel effect when Bond shoots the informant -Cut to black removing the Casino Royale intro/song (this is my favorite Bond song and one of my favorite rock songs, but in this format it just doesn’t fit) +Inserted first 20 seconds of the Quantum of Solace intro/song and added episode title card Open on boy running through the camp -Trimmed the over the top parkour scenes, now Bond is just chasing him on foot through the vegetation, worksite and road -Trimmed a little bit of M going off -Trimmed Bond & Solange to just focus on moving the narrative and plot forward -Trimmed M’s agitated cursing at Bond when he calls at the airport, is transfered to her then hangs up. The majority of her character is just bickering and I wanted to make her more than a disgruntled head of MI6. Hopefully it helps her natural transformation into the more supportive sympathetic role she will take in the third episode. -Cut Bond falling off the truck and then chasing it down and jumping back on. Now he never falls off Episode ends with close up of Bond’s face after Carlos activates the charge that Bond places on his belt +Custom credits (directed by, story by, actor names, studio credits, etc.) +Bond theme from Casino Royale ending used as episode credit music +FE Netflix style bumper Color correction to increase saturation and lessen yellow hues
Episode 002 – Casino Royale +Warning +FE Netflix bumper Opening sequence after M walks away from Bond after their conversation at Solange’s home +Inserted first 20 seconds of the Quantum of Solace intro/song and added episode title card -Trimmed some of Vesper and James’ dialogue after sizing each other up on the train -Removed James’ line about Vesper being single, it now cuts away after he says she’s not his type End of episode after Bond returns and announces that last hand nearly killed him +Bond theme from Casino Royale ending used as episode credit music +FE Netflix style bumper Color correction to increase saturation and lessen yellow hues
Episode 003 – Vesper +Warning +FE Netflix bumper Open with final round +Added Bond opening after James tells Vesper he’s famished +Inserted first 20 seconds of the Quantum of Solace intro/song and added episode title card -Cut Vesper and James talking about his little finger cringe -Cut Vesper and James horn dogging in the hospital -Cut Vesper and James in bed in Venice -Cut James calling Vesper a b**** when M asks if he needs time End of episode after Bond introduces himself to Mr. White +Bond theme from Casino Royale ending used as episode credit music +FE Netflix style bumper Color correction to increase saturation and lessen yellow hues
Episode 004 – Deception Point +Warning +FE Netflix bumper -Cut zoom in and artistic shots of Bond and car Cold open on Bond shifting into gear -Cut to opening credits after Bond opens the trunk to reveal Mr. White +Inserted first 20 seconds of the Quantum of Solace intro/song and added episode title card -Trimmed M and Bond’s dialogue when they are reviewing the double Mitchell’s room Episode ends with Bond walking away from the flight attendant at the airport +Bond theme from Casino Royale ending used as episode credit music +FE Netflix style bumper
Episode 005 – Quantum of Solace +Warning +FE Netflix bumper Cold open on Bond arriving to see Mathis in Italy -Cut to opening credits after Mathis asks, “Come to apologize?” +Inserted first 20 seconds of the Quantum of Solace intro/song and added episode title card -Cut bond sleeping with the Strawberry Fields -Removed kissing sound when Bond leaves Fields at the party so now it could just be him whispering to her -Cut Greene talking about Camille being spectacular when she’s on her back -Cut Camille cursing as they walk out of the club -Trimmed the poorly layered double mirage like shot of Bond and Camille walking through the desert -Cut some dialogue between the president and the general -Cut Greene’s reference of how the president would wake up if he didn’t sign -Cut the closeup of the the president aide’s upskirt when she’s on the bed -Cut Bond kissing Camille after she says she wishes she could set him free End with Bond walking off into the night +Bond theme from Casino Royale ending used as episode credit music +FE Netflix style bumper
Episode 006 – Phoenix Agent +Warning +FE Netflix bumper Open on Bond walking up hallway (no horn crescendos) +Added Istanbul title on screen -Removed Eve’s lines about VW Beatles -Cut to intro after Bond fades out into the water after being shot; Added underwater waterfall sfx smooth transition +Inserted first 20 seconds of the Quantum of Solace intro/song and added episode title card -Cut Bond lover scene and his scorpion drinking game; now jumps to him at the bar during the day when he hears the broadcast -Cut M cursing on the bridge as she exits the car -Cut Bond responding b**** when psychologist says the name “M” -Cut references and Q’s explaining to Bond’about the palm recognizer on his Walther PPK -Cut shot of Bond testing the palm grip on the Walther PPK while in the car Cropped a shot of Bond hanging from the elevator to remove the CGI superimposed hands from the frame. The idea is to simply remove the focus from his hands not being in gloves. Cropped and shortened shots with gloves to take emphasis off of his hands -Removed scene of Bond disappearing after Severine sees him from the other skyscraper +Inserted the ending theme from Casino Royale to create a musical ending to the episode End episode after Bond retrieves the Macau token +Bond theme from Casino Royale ending used as episode credit music +FE Netflix style bumper Color correction to increase saturation, remove excessive yellows, increase red in skin tones
Episode 007 – Concomitant Factor +Warning +FE Netflix bumper Open on aerial shot of London; rebuilt surround track to make opener more seemless; added typing, glitch and slot machine sfx +Added intro after M completes her call -Inserted first 20 seconds of the Quantum of Solace intro/song and added episode title card -Removed Bond saying he didn’t order Eve (again, I want to make Bond less of a sex crazed agent) -Removed Bond trying to undress Eve -Removed Silva’s advances on Bond, again this is to help the characters stay focused on espionage -Removed Silva shooting Severine. It’s now implied that Bond saves her +Added Severine in the background when Silva backs away from Bon after he takes out his henchmen Cropped shot to remove visual of Severine dead from when Silva looks up at the helicopters -Removed the pan back down to eliminate the need to do a massive zoom -Removed some of Q’s cursing End of episode on Bond looking into the basement ladder way +Bond theme from Casino Royale ending used as episode credit music +FE Netflix style bumper Color correction to increase saturation, remove excessive yellows, increase red in skin tones
Episode 008 – Skyfall +Warning +FE Netflix bumper Open with Bond climbing down the ladder after Silva -Cut to intro after Q responds, “I told you” +Inserted first 20 seconds of the Quantum of Solace intro/song and added episode title card -Removed the man’s line about Bond being keen to get home after he jumps onto the back of the train -Removed M’s cursing when they arrive at Skyfall -Removed Kincade calling Bond a little $4!7 End of episode at final scene of movie +Bond theme from Casino Royale ending used as episode credit music +FE Netflix style bumper Color correction to increase saturation, remove excessive yellows, increase red in skin tones
Episode 009 – Rogue Agent +Warning +FE Netflix bumper -Removed The Dead Are Alive intro Cold open with Bond on rooftop listening in on conversation +Added Mexico City title on screen +Added translation subtitles -Cut last shots of helicopter and Bond looking at the Spectre ring -Cut opening sequence +Inserted first 20 seconds of the Quantum of Solace intro/song and added episode title card -Removed Q’s “oh sh*&” line -Cut Bond looking at the gadget panel in the Aston Martin +Added Roman cicadas to outside scenes when Lucia arrives home and when Spectre attempts to kill her Repurposed Lucia’s later lines about where Spectre is meeting as to have her deliver the lines while Bond is standing there. She now tells him, he says “time for a drink” and transition to him driving to the meeting -Cut Bond and Lucia’s sex scene +Added translation subtitles during Spectre meeting scene -Cut Hinx gouging out the man’s eyes -Cut James turning on the music on the gadgets -Cut Bond taking off the top of a car and Hinx following him down the alley -Trimmed car chase scene to remove the silly part where he gets stuck behind the driver and Bond theme from Casino Royale ending used as episode credit music +FE Netflix style bumper +Extensive color correction of every scene Applied masks throughout to isolate colors to enhance or diminish their tones while retaining the intended color of the scene.
Episode 010 – For King and Country +Warning +FE Netflix bumper Open with Money Penny reviewing files about Franz Oberhause -Cut Madeline and Bond’s sex scene after killing Hinx +Added dialogue to scene where Madeline and James get off the train +Bond theme from Casino Royale ending used as episode credit music +FE Netflix style bumper +Extensive color correction of every scene Applied masks throughout to isolate colors to enhance or diminish their tones while retaining the intended color of the scene.
Episode 011 – Spectre +Warning +FE Netflix bumper -Cut the portrait scenes as James walks through the ruins of MI6 looking for Blofeld +Bond theme from Casino Royale ending used as episode credit music +FE Netflix style bumper Extensive color correction of every scene Applied masks throughout to isolate colors to enhance or diminish their tones while retaining the intended color of the scene.

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Top 5 James Bond Movies

What are your personal top 5 James Bond movies (not including NSNA and the original Casino Royale)? Mine are:
  1. Spy Who Loved Me. All of it's great.
  2. Skyfall. That theme song's amazing.
  3. Goldfinger
  5. Die Another Day (no apologies)
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Part 42.

There have been a lot of big changes recently.
6658.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Steve Jobs being the first person to say "Good artists copy. Great artists steal." instead of Pablo Picasso?
6659.(Music Lyrics change.)"She's a killer Queen. Gunpowder. Turpentine."/"She's a killer Queen. Gunpowder. Guillotine."/"She's a killer Queen. Gunpowder. Gelatine."(Other lyrics?)(Anything else off?)
6660.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember Wallace Broecker dying earlier than February 18, 2019?
6661.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember Lee Radiziwill dying earlier than February 15, 2019?(Do the Ls in her name look off?)
6662.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember The Doors Of The 21st Century not being a thing?(Ian Ashbury/Ian Astbury)
6663.(Event name change.)Lalapalooza/Lolapalooza/Lollapalooza(Other spellings?)(Does the logo look off?)
6664.(Movie Quote change.)"You're gonna be one badass motherfucker."/"You're gonna be a bad motherfucker."(Other quotes?)
6665.(Product Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Tampico being normal?(Anything else off?)
6666.(Real Life Quote change.)"I am not a crook."/"I'm not a crook."(Anything else off?)
6667.(Movie Quote change.)"I love him something awful."/"I love him awful."(Does the movie logo keep changing?)
6668.(R&B Group name change.)The Staples Singers/The Staple Singers(Do any of their logos look off?)(Anything else off?)(Does the Soul Train logo look off?)(Many remembered spellings of Abbott and all the other logos have changed.)(SiriusXM logos all have off letters.)(Most Capitol Records logos have connected letters.)(Soya Sauce/Soy Sauce)(Other spellings?)(Soya/Soy)(Twitter logo bird has changed.)(Dolly from Moonraker now has bows in her hair.)(The Bare Necessities lyrics keeps changing.)(Terrence McKenna/Terence McKenna)(Anything else off?)(Yubo logo has off letters.)(The Gifted logo has off letters.)(Quanta(Quantum?)Magazine website logo has off letters.)(The Conversation website logo has off letters.)(Book predicts a lot of Donald Trump related stuff.)(Givology logo and name keep changing.)(Male fruit flies look for alcohol when rejected.)(Frost And Nixon/Frost/Nixon)(Other names?)(Anything else off?)(Seatle, Washington/Seattle, Washington)(Other spellings?)(New Dylan album and a song moved onto it.)(Have you heard of Mimi Pond?)(Snownados now exist.)(Famous Birthdays logo has off logo.)(Android logos all keep changing.)(Timothy Chalamet/Timothée Chalamet)(Was Timothée and anything similar to it never an acceptable spelling of Timothy?)(Vector Vest logo has connected and off letters.)(Tess Daily/Tess Daly)(Lots of album cover logos have changed.)(Kissed By A Rose by Seal keeps changing.)(Other remembered spellings of Diana Rigg that haven't been mentioned yet?)(Radio station logos keep changing.)(Did John Lennon say the Good Artists Copy quote?)(Anything else off?)(Old raven related quote changed.)(Abba song lyrics are changing.)(Water polo was a thing.)(Homeless shelters charge people to stay.)(Didn't Ric Flair die?)(Spider that looks like David Bowie.)(Tasty Freeze/Tastee-Freez)(Anything else off?)(Hughes Airwest logo looks off.)(Altec Lansing is off.)(We're The Millers If Anyone Asks?)(Red Red Wine by Neil Diamond has changed or was it UB40?)(Was Zangief spelled differently?)(Sherbet Crayola or Pink Sherbet?)(MC Hammer's pants in U Can't Touch This are now red instead of yellow.)(Better Help website logo has off letters.)(Weird colored skies.)(Neurophen/Nurofen)(Footloose lyrics keep changing.)(Harpy eagles now exist.)(Dip Dab logo is merged.)(Derek Hatton is now alive.)(Sherbet Lemons/Lemon Sherbets)(Maynards Bassetts logo and all the subtexts have merged or off letters.)(Sherbet pronunciation keeps changing.)(Did what Sorbet and Sherbet used to be switch with each other?)(Is the pronunciation of Sorbet off?)(Fred from Scooby-Doo lost his Adam's Apple and his hairstyle has changed.)(Velma from Scooby-Doo has larger breasts, has different shoes, has knee stockings and looks less plain and her eye shape looks off.)(Scooby Doo's voice sounds slighty deeper and easier to understand and he no longer ends every episode with "Scooby Dooby Doo!".)(All the new moons and names for them.)(Interesting video below.)(Russia sold Alaska to America and Canada didn't.)(Video below.)(More new blood types.)(Video below.)(The Challenge: War Of The Worlds logo is off.)(Interesting video below.)(Tarantula with horn on its back discovered.)(The Munsters spelling keeps changing.)(Lots of early colored photos and videos.)(Lots of weird eye colored cartoons.)(Big Native American book change.)(Golden possums?)(Bamm-Bamm now has a green club.)(Elvis quote keeps changing.)("One of us" quotes all keep changing.)Lots of weird eye colored cartoons now.)(Rana brand logo keeps changing.)(Timothy Leary radio quote keeps changing.)(Purple and weird solid colored corn.)(Almost perfectly straight bananas.)(All Zillow logos keep changing.)(Giant supposedly extinct bees exist and they were found to still be alive.)(Lots of weird new stuff.)(Juicy Fruits/Juicy Fruit)(Were MC Hammer's pants a color other than yellow or red in U Can't Touch This?)(Baobab flower?)(Ficcus tree or plant?)(Lots of weird new changes.)(Lots of new logo changes.)(Snoopy's feet now have lines on them.)(Lots of new religious studies and philosophies.)(Sayeth to Quoteth raven quote change.)(Woman rubs period blood on face to show "beauty".)(Weird new large fish species discovered washed up on beach.)(Go Wireless! logo letters are touching.)(Wood's Boots logo is off.)(Frank Communications logo is off.)(Foreign Accent Syndrome?)(More changes to lots of stuff.)(Multiple colors for tangerines?)(The Godfather "Offer" quote keeps changing.)(Saturn's rings keep changing.)(I Feel Love by Donna Summer lyrics have changed.)(Matramony/Matrimony)(Other spellings?)(3D music systems in the 1950's.)(Did there used to be light brown M&Ms and not blue ones?)("The Suicide Tree"?)(Taiwanese leopard spotted for first time since 1983.)(Oridisia cats?)(Deer with with lots of thick antlers?)(Airplanes having engines above the wings?)(Disney parks in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Paris and Hawaii?)(You can get a vegan chocolate penis delivered to your door.)(Congo/Kongo)(Was the latter not acceptable?)(Do you remember the Badlands rock band not existing?)(Do you remember Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft by Carpenters not existing?)(Electric fire clams now exist.)(Many outfits Cesar Romero wore as the Joker in the original Batman show have changed.)(Sri Lankan elwphants now exist.)(Asian elephants now exist.)(Indian elephants now exist.)(Lots of phantom and new geography.)(Shoes made with grass.)(Scandals made out of Trump's contradictory tweets.)(Underwear you can wear for weeks without washing.)(Polyamorous woman has husband, fiancé, and two boyfriends.)(Rainbow wasps now exist.)(Anything else off?)(The Riddler now doesn't always wear all green.)(Anything else off?)(Equifax logo has connected and off letters.)(Are any of the outfits in Labyrinth off in any way?)(Headphones in the 1910's.)(Did Daphne not wear pink stockings ever?)(Anything else off?)(Anything else about the JetBlue name, spelling, or logo?)(Interesting video below.)(Did Marcus Dean Fuller, David Niven, and Barry Nelson never portray James Bond in any movie?)(Anything else off?)(On The Case With Paula Zahn logo has off letters.)(Systane logo has off letters.)(Juicy/Jucee juice brand and is the logo off?)(Other spellings?)(Bananas don't peel as easy or in the same place in some cases now.)(Flocks of birds getting much larger.)(Did Nabisco saltine crackers always say Premium?)(Anything else off?)(Picturephones were now a thing.)("Keep on dancing. Gotta keep on dancing.", "He will visit.", or "Evil visit." song lyrics by The Prodigy?)(Anything else off?)(More Teletubbies changes.)(The rainbow grapes and multiple colored tangerines changes are fake at least for now.)(Fracture printing logo has off letters.)(Anything else off?)(Didn't King Kong Bundy pass away years before March 4, 2019?)(Anything else off?)(Holidays that pop out of nowhere.)(Herby: Fully Loaded/Herbie: Fully Loaded)(Anything else off?)(Tommy CoppeTommie Copper)(Anything else off?)(Blue macaw parrots now existed.)(Frozen ice balls of Lake Michigan.)(Aspiration logo has off letters.)(Putting photos on guns during WW2?)(Any other time?)(Is the number of days in a year off?)(Walking trees and other walking plants?)(Haribo Tangtastics/Haribo Tangfastics)(Other spellings?)(Lots of logo changes recently.)(OdorBan/OdoBan)(Lambkins now exist.)(Lots of weird new sunfish.)(Lots of new ghost ice stuff.)(The Honky Tonk Man is just now being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame.)(Redferrin/Redfin)(Is the logo off?)(Anything else off?)(Do you remember the Uncle Sam poster saying "We want you" instead of "I want you"?)(Fantatics app logo is off.)(Instaflex logo is off.)(Milly Vanilly/Milli Vanilli)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Saturn's rings keep changing.)(Lots of name changes.)(Do you remember somebody other than Frankie Valli singing Can't Take Off Of You?)(ASDA store brand products have connected letters.)(Interesting video.)(The Brady Girls Get Married now exists.)(Plants respond to pain similar to how we respond to pain.)(Lots of sexual orientation related changes.)(Your brain still works for a while after you die.)(Lots of app logo changes.)(Lots of commercial font changes.)(Ant-Man And The Wasp has connected letters.)(Westcott logo now looks like the old reality VW logo.)(Kyle JenneKylie Jenner)(Lots of weird names and name spellings.)(Poly-Fil(Poly-Fill?)logo has changed.)(Brother At Your Side logo has changed.)(Ayatollah Khamenei horrible quotes and other horrible quotes from this new reality.)(I Want You by Savage Garden lyrics have changed.)(Do any of their logos look off?)(India's poverty level keeps changing.)
6669.(Famous Hero name change.)Wild Bill Hitchcock/Wild Bill Hickok(Other spellings?)
6670.(Restaurant name change.)El Toritos/El Torito(Anything else off?)
6671.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember deer not being able to scream?(Anything else off?)
6672.(Song name change.)Let's Hear It For The Boys/Let's Hear It For The Boy(Are the lyrics off?)(Do any of her logos look off?)
6673.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember alligators and crocodiles not being able to be this big?
6674.(History change.)Do you remember Donald Trump not running for president in 2000?(Anything else off about what he's said about running for president or not?)
6675.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Cranial fissures now are sutures and fibrous, pulsing fontanelles, "flavor country" no longer existed, pineal eye is now a physical eye on outside of face of animals and some have 4 eyes, plain of jars, skara brae, manitol/malitol/maltitol, persistent pupillary membrane over eye in 20% of adult humans and also animals, helium superfluid has 0 viscosity and can't be contained, bacteria also make superfluids, California great flood of 1861 and 1862, ice disk, 1908 New York to Paris car race, atmospheric rivers, Chernobyl didn't shut down after 1986 disaster until 2000, animals still being able to thrive in Chernobyl, more geography changes, more US flag changes, female elephants have tusks called tushes and some male elephants are naturally born without tusks and elephants are apparently evolving not to have them at all, lots of weird sharks and weird stuff about sharks, bioluminescent lizards.)(Video below.)(Australian Geographic logo has connected letters.)(Release dates for everything changing.)(Lots of famous name spellings have drastically changed.)
6676.(Company Logo change.)Sunglasses Hut/Sunglass Hut
6677.(Paint name change.)Dulex/Dulux(Do any of the logos look off?)(Do any of the other things named Dulux look off?)
6678.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember James Darren dying?
6679.(Donut name change.)CrulleKruller(Was the former or the later not acceptable?)(Other spellings?)(Is the pronunciation off?)(Anything else off?)
6680.(Song name change.)The Point Of No Return/Point Of Know Return(Album too.)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6681.(Can't think of a title.)Have you heard of the Yosemite Firefall?
6682.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember sting jets not being a thing?
6683.(Fictional Character name change.)Hercules Poirot/Hercule Poirot(Other spellings?)
6684.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Mumia Abu-Jamal being executed?(Anything else off?)
6685.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember sea creatures not being able to live or die in places far away from water such as rainforests?
6686.(Famous Actress name change.)Olivia Coleman/Olivia Colman(Was Colman never an acceptable spelling of Coleman?)
6687.(Company name change.)Harmon Kardon/harman/kardon(Anything else off?)
6688.(Famous Actress name change.)Beverly Owen/Beverley Owen(Was Beverley never an acceptable spelling of Beverly?)
6689.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember ice tsunamis not being a thing?
6690.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Uffington White Horse not being a thing?
6691.(Celebrity death cause change.)Do you remember James Horner dying from an illness instead of a plane crash?(Anything else off?)
6692.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Carvana being normal?
6693.(Product name change.)Gravy Granuals/Gravy Granules(Other spellings?)
6694.(Product name change.)Rizzla/Rizla(Anything else off?)
6695.(Product name change.)IWatch/iWatch(IPhone/iPhone)(IPad/iPad)(IPad/iPad)(IOS/iOS)(It keeps flipping.)
6696.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the credits in Goodfellas(Was the official GoodFellas and is the logo off?)being white instead of red?(Anything else off?)
6697.(Product name change.)Cindy/Sindy(Was Sindy never an acceptable spelling of Cindy?)
6698.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Casino Royale being the first James Bond film instead of Dr. No?(Anything else off?)
6699.(Spelling change.)Tender Hook/Tenterhook
Add-On: Do you remember Barbaar The Elephant or Barbar The Elephant instead of Babar The Elephant?
Add-On: Do you remember Gobstoppers instead of Gobstopper?
Add-On: Do you remember Big Bird's being yellow?(Anything else off?)
6700.(Product name change.)CD+CD-R(Any products with similar names off?)
6701.(Spelling change.)Bolognaise/Bolognese(Anything else off?)
6702.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes being set 8 years after instead of 10?
6703.(Spelling change.)Battle Ship/Battleship(War Ship/Warship)(Space Ship/Spaceship)(Battleships/Battleship board game)
6704.(Music Lyrics change.)"Ain't that a kick in the head."/"Ain't love like a kick in the head."(Anything else off?)
6705.(Spelling change.)Murial/Muriel/Mural
6706.(Spelling change.)Broach/Brooch
6707.(Company name change.)RyannaiRyanair(Other spellings?)
6708.(Phrase change.)Card Shark/Card Sharp
6709.(Movie name change.)The Wizard In Oz/The Wizard Of Oz(Dorthy/Dorothy)(Anything else about her name off?)(Somewhere Over The Rainbow/Over The Rainbow)
6710.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember food scented bath stuff not being a thing?
6711.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Geochanges, weird mushrooms, sharknado, orange eyes,(Denny's, USPS, Burger King, Sherwin-Williams, Motel 6, and AutoZone)are all tilting and off logos, naked mole rats don't die of old age, pleomorphism, new giant tortoise types discovered, more bioluminescent animals, more weird light pillars, north and south Atlantic Ocean, north and south Pacific Ocean, Antarctic scale worm and other weird worms, jewel beetles, weird whales and whale changes, earthquakes with negative magnitudes, Indonesian village corpses, more weird land formations, humans glow in visible light, DMT and it occurs naturally, more weird immortal animals, Colorado river toad, Earth's atmosphere goes past the moon, Sphinx cat breed/Sphynx cat breed, Sargasso Sea, poisonous birds.)(Video below.)
6712.(History change.)Do you remember virtual reality not going as far back as the 1950's?
6713.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember bears never existing in Africa?
6714.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember spiders not being capable of dragging animals like opossums anywhere on their own?
6715.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the dodo going extinct because humans ate them instead of other animals eating them?(Was it something else?)
6716.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Mister Ed being a different type or different colored horse?(Anything else off?)(Was it always in black & white or just colored?)
6717.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember something about this Mary Poppins song being different?
6718.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember André(Andre?)Previn dying before February 28, 2019?
6719.(Song name change.)MacArthur's Park/MacArthur Park(Do any of his logos off?)(Anything else off?)
6720.(Famous Actor name change.)Timothy Chalamet/Timothée Chalamet(Were Timothee, Timothée, Timotheé, and Timothéé never acceptable spellings of Timothy?)
6721.(Famous Tennis Player name change.)Gaël Montfils/Gaël Monfils(Other spellings?)
6722.(Famous Tennis Player name change.)Stan Warwrinka/Stan Wawrinka(Other spellings?)
6723.(Famous Tennis Player name change.)Nick Kygrios/Nick Kyrgios(Other spellings?)
6724.(Famous Tennis Player name change.)Gabriñe Muguruza/Garbiñe Muguruza(Other spellings?)
6725.(Famous Tennis Player name change.)Alizée Cornet/Alizé Cornet(Other spellings?)
6726.(Famous Tennis Player name change.)Steffi Graff/Steffi Graf(Other spellings?)(Are there other weird Stephanie and Stefan spellings?)
6727.(Famous Tennis Player name change.)Agnieszka Rodwańska/Agnieszka Radwańska(Other spellings?)
6728.(Famous Tennis Player name change.)Angelica KerbeAngelique Kerber(Other spellings?)(Are there other weird Angelica spellings?)
6729.(Famous Tennis Player name change.)Sabina Lisicki/Sabine Lisicki(Other spellings?)(Was she a brunette instead of blonde?)
6730.(Fictional Character name change.)Mitch Buchanon/Mitch Buchannon(Other spellings?)
6731.(Famous Basketball Player name change.)Joachim Noah/Joakim Noah(Other spellings?)
6732.(Country name change.)QuataQatar(Other spellings?)(Is the pronunciation off?)(Anything else off?)
6733.(Famous Basketball Player name change.)Paul Gasol/Pau Gasol(Other spellings?)(Was Pau never an acceptable spelling of Paul?)
6734.(Famous Race Car Driver name change.)Sebastien Vettel/Sebastian Vettel(Was Sebastien never an acceptable spelling of Sebastian?)(Are there other weird Sebastian spellings?)
6735.(Town name change.)Marinello, Italy/Maranello, Italy(Other spellings?)
6736.(Famous Basketball Player name change.)Derek Rose/Derrick Rose(Was Derrick never an acceptable spelling of Derek?)(Are there other weird spellings of Derek?)
6737.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember Katherine Helmond dying earlier than February 23, 2019?
6738.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the Spread logo being different?
6739.(History change.)Do you remember the Boeing 314 Clipper not being a thing?
6740.(History change.)Do you remember the hand mixer not being patented in 1856 and the first electric one not being invented in 1885?
6741.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Jaws' teeth being different?
6742.(Fictional Company name change.)The Daily Bugle/Daily Bugle
6743.(Fictional Company name change.)The Daily Planet/Daily Planet
6744.(Slogan change.)"Nobody knows Easter better than Cadbury."/"Nobunny knows Easter better than Cadbury."
6745.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Tracey(Tracy?)Gold dying a while back?(Was Tracey never an acceptable spelling of Tracy?)
6746.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Coca-Cola not using Coca leaves in their recipe ever and all their ingredients in their formula being secret?
6747.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember human bodies not reacting this way to things like leaf blowers?
6748.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember "My glasses! I can't see without my glasses!" being said more often throughout Scooby-Doo?(Do you remember Scooby Doo's real name being Scooby instead of Scoobert?)(Do you remember Scooby Doo not having any other relatives other than Scrappy Doo?)(Anything else off?)
6749.(Company name change.)Amtrack/Amtrak(Anything else off?)
6750.(History change.)Do you remember the White House never burning down ever?
6751.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember elephants never being able to cry?
6752.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember parrots never being able to take or get addicted to things like opium?
6753.(Famous Model name change.)Barbie Benton/Barbi Benton(Was Barbi never an acceptable spelling of Barbie?)
6754.(Famous Actor name change.)Bobby J. Thompson/Bobb'e J. Thompson(Other spellings?)(Was Bobb'e never an acceptable spelling of Bobby?)(Are there other weird Bobby spellings?)
Add-On: Do you remember Edwin or Erich Schrödinger?(Other spellings?)(Were Caffe and Caffé never acceptable spellings of Café?)
6755.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Emre Belezoğlu/Emre Belözoğlu(Other spellings?)
6756.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Gerald Piqué/Gerard Piqué(Other spellings?)
6757.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Felipe Luís/Filipe Luís(Other spellings?)
6758.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Carlos Valderama/Carlos Valderrama(Other spellings?)
6759.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)René Huiguita/René Higuita(Other spellings?)
6760.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Graham LeSaux/Graeme Le Saux(Other spellings?)
6761.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Ferenc Puszkás/Ferenc Puskás(Other spellings?)
6762.(Famous Actress name change.)Stephanie Powers/Stefanie Powers(Other spellings?)
6763.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Dean Stockwell dying a while back?
6764.(Song name change.)Believe/Still Believe(Are the lyrics off?)(Do any of her logos look off?)(Anything else off?)
6765.(Girl Group name change.)Destiny Child/Destiny's Child(Do any of their logos look off?)(Were they never kniwn as Girl's Tyme?)(Were the members originally sisters instead of just being members?)
6766.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember One Man Gang dying?
6767.(Spelling change.)Twighlight/Twillight/Twilight(Other spellings?)
6768.(Famous Actress name change.)Patsy Kenzit/Patsy Kensit(Other spellings?)
6769.(Famous Actress name change.)Leslie-Ann Down/Lesley-Anne Down(Other spellings?)(Was Lesley never an acceptable spelling of Leslie?)
6770.(Famous Actress name change.)Tiffany Thiessen/Tiffani Thiessen(Other spellings?)(Was Tiffani never an acceptable spelling of Tiffany?)
6771.(Famous Producer name change.)Stephen J. Canell/Stephen J. Cannell(Other spellings?)
6772.(Famous Actor name change.)Patrick McGohan/Patrick McGoohan(Other spellings?)
6773.(Famous Actor name change.)Martin Scorcese/Martin Scorsese(Other spellings?)
6774.(Famous Actress name change.)Grey DeLeslie/Grey DeLisle(Other spellings?)
6775.(Famous Actor name change.)Bill Faggerbake/Bill Fagerbakke(Other spellings?)(Was him name pronounced differently?)
6776.(Famous Actor name change.)William Stylers/William Salyers(Other spellings?)
6777.(Candy name change.)Strawberry Flavour Laces/Strawberry Flavour Lances(Anything else off about Lances?)
6778.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Cole Sprouse being less popular than Dylan Sprouse when The Suote Life Of Zack & Cody was on and now?
6779.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Paul Young dying a while back?(Anything about him in Desperate Housewives off?)(Anything else off?)
6780.(Famous Cook name change.)Rachel Ray/Rachael Ray(Other spellings?)(Was Rachael never an acceptable spelling of Rachel?)
6781.(Famous Fashion Designer name change.)Vivian Westwood/Vivienne Westwood(Other spellings?)(How do you remember Vivian being spelled in general?)
6782.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)César Aczpilicueta/César Azpilicueta(Other spellings?)
6783.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Jermaine Defoe/Jermain Defoe(Other spellings?)(Was Jermain never an acceptable spelling of Jermaine?)
6784.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Ellora caves, petra and little petra, shrovetide, calcio storico, American Kidney Foundation/American Kidney Fund, Chichén Itzá, black sea under river, pattern on doe's back and other weird patterns on deer, more friendly wild animals, Michael Jackson dropped 50 feet to stage in an accident, Isaiah 11:8 changes again, more on harpy eagle, Ford logo is now tilting, Honda logo has changed again, polycephalic everything, weird elephant parts, gaboon viper that moves like a caterpillar, pattern change on raccoon and panda eyes, naked foal syndrome, more geography changes, Great lakes keep changing, guy with large hairy birthmark and two children with weird birth defects, weird looking cat with white coloration, 12 finger family, Neanderthals may have been smarter than we think, more anatomy changes, Quetzacoatl(Was it spelled differently?), rabbit without hair, when student doctors remove your appendix, 1939 ghost Pontiac, Marie Curie and everything about her, shark with bioluminescent nose, mice can sing.)(Video below.)
6785.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember transgender people not being able to give birth?
6786.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember little Grand Canyon-like structures not being a thing?
6787.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember teacup pigs being their own separate species and not just being very small and/or underfed pigs?
6788.(Theme Song Lyrics change.)"I love Wisconsin!"/"Hello Wisconsin!"(Was it Kelso or Eric that said it and not Hyde?)
6789.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember bumblebees not being endangered?
6790.(Movie name change.)The Naked Gun 33 1/2: The Final Insult/Naked Gun 33 1/2: The Final Insult
6791.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember 1950's breakfast stations not being a thing?
6792.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the first mall in America not opening as early as 1956?(Anything else off?)
6793.(Phrase change.)"Not your circus. Not your clowns."/"Not my circus. Not my clowns."(Anything else off?)
6794.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Alaska not having a rainforest?(Were there no rainforests in North America at all?)(Anything else off?)
6795.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Della Duck not existing?
6796.(Fictional Character name change.)Do you remember Inspector Gadget's real name being Don Brown or John Brown?
6797.(Music Lyrics change.)"Things in common?"/"Thing in common?"("Cuz opposites attract."/"'Cause opposites attract.")(Anything else off?)(Do any of her logos look off?)
6798.(Logo change.)Do you remember the Fair Use logo not being connected?
6799.(Music Lyrics change.)"What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you?"/"What am I gonna do when the best part of me was always you?"(Anything else off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6800.(Comic Series name change.)Calvin And Hobbs/Calvin And Hobbes(Anything else off?)
6801.(Abbreviation change.)Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome/Aquired Immune Deficiency Virus
6802.(T.V. Shiw name change.)Beverly Hills 92010/Beverly Hills, 90210
6803.(Famous Actress name change.)Ellen Paige/Ellen Page
6804.(Famous Director name change.)Howard Hawk/Howard Hawks
6805.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Mark Clattenberg/Mark Clattenburg(Other spellings?)
6806.(Famous Referee name change.)Pierluigi Colina/Pierluigi Collina(Other spellings?)
6807.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Phillipe Coutinho/Philippe Coutinho(Other spellings?)(How do you remember Philippe being spelled in general?)
6808.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Jessy Lingard/Jesse Lingard(Other spellings?)(How do you remember Jesse being spelled in general?)
6809.(Famous Singer name change.)Lauren Hill/Lauryn Hill(Other spellings?)
6810.(Famous Singer name change.)Phil Colins/Phil Collins(Other spellings?)(How do you remember Collin or Collins being spelled in general?)
6811.(Famous Composer name change.)Wolfgang Amadeus MozaWolfgang Amadeus Mozart(Other spellings?)
6812.(Theme Song Lyrics change.)"Come and listen to a story about a man named Jed."/"Come and listen to my story about a man named Jed ."
6813.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Jam Session by Heavy D and The Notorious B.I.G. not existing?
6814.(Can't think of a to title.)Do you remember the music video for Puffin On Blunts And Drankin' Tanqueray not existing?
6815.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Barbie only having a first name and not a middle or last one?
6816.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember Jan-Michael Vincent dying earlier than February 10, 2019?
6817.(State name change.)Okhlahoma/Oklahoma(Other spellings?)
6818.(City name change.)Passadena, California/Pasadena, California(Other spellings?)
6819.(City name change.)Norwitch/Norwich(Other spellings?)(Multiple places.)
6820.(Town name change.)Ipswitch/Ipswich(Other spellings?)
6821.(Village name change.)Amytiville, New York/Amityville, New York(Other spellings?)
6822.(Famous Actor name change.)Rob SteigeRod Steiger(Other spellings?)
6823.(Famous Actress name change.)Judy Gardland/Judy Garland(Other spellings?)
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Casino Royale - Chris Cornell - You Know My Name - YouTube James Bond Casino Royale Theme ️‍♀️🎥Casino Royale theme → Casino Royale (Herb Alpert ... Casino Royale OST - James Bond Theme (High Quality Audio ... 007 : James Bond : Theme - YouTube Casino Royale Original Soundtrack - 01 Main Title Theme ... Casino Royal Soundtrack James Bond Opening Song (Lyrics in ... JAMES BOND - CASINO ROYALE NEW OPENING THEME SONG - YouTube

Casino Royale is the theme song for the unofficial 1967 James Bond film Casino Royale, composed by Burt Bacharach with lyrics by Hal David.It is performed by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass with the lyrics sung by Mike Redway.. Lyrics. Seven James Bonds at Casino Royale, They came to save the world and win a gal at Casino Royale. Six of them went to a heavenly spot, Daniel Craig's first outing as 007 was a hard reboot for the series, but the Casino Royale theme song by Chris Cornell didn't match the film's bold new vision for the globetrotting spy. Instead of ... In welcher Häufigkeit wird der James bond official theme song aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nachverwendet? James Bond-Moonraker James Bond 007 Collection: Cello. Für Cello, Klavierbegleitung HWC Trading James Bond 007 Gerahmtes oder ungerahmtes Geschenk, Autogramm, Casino Royale, A3 Ein Geschenk, das Sie wirklich lieben – Wer würde dieses signierte und gerahmte Foto von einem der berühmtesten ... When the Bond series returned with "Casino Royale" after a four-year layoff, 007 went in an entirely new direction. That's also true for the film's theme song. Unser Team wünscht Ihnen hier viel Vergnügen mit Ihrem James bond official theme song! James Bond-Moonraker James Bond 007 Collection: Cello. Für Cello, Klavierbegleitung HWC Trading James Bond 007 Gerahmtes oder ungerahmtes Geschenk, Autogramm, Casino Royale, A3 Ein Geschenk, das Sie wirklich lieben – Wer würde dieses signierte und gerahmte Foto von einem der berühmtesten und ... Mit welcher Häufigkeit wird der James bond official theme song aller Voraussicht nach eingesetzt? James Bond-Moonraker James Bond 007 Collection: Cello. Für Cello, Klavierbegleitung HWC Trading James Bond 007 Gerahmtes oder ungerahmtes Geschenk, Autogramm, Casino Royale, A3 Ein Geschenk, das Sie wirklich lieben – Wer würde dieses signierte und gerahmte Foto von einem der berühmtesten und ...

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Casino Royale - Chris Cornell - You Know My Name - YouTube

The main title theme to the 1967 James Bond spoof 'Casino Royale' and the first track of the soundtrack composed by Burt Bacharach (taken from the original v... Casino Royale Soundtrack : The Name's Bond... James BondComposed By : David ArnoldArtist : Nicholas DoddTo Buy The Album Follow The Link Belowhttp://www.amaz... SUBSCRIBE for new videos: http://bit.ly/1RPufTRCheck out more MovieSounds: http://bit.ly/1Gki8wWChris Cornell - You Know My NameMovie © Columbia Pictures Herb Alpert y la Tijuana Brass interpretan 'Casino royale theme (el tema de Casino Royal), publicado como sencillo en 1967. Fue compuesto por Burt Bacharach ... this is the new james bond casino royale opening theme its called you know my name by chris cornell i just slaped a couple of pics together and put the theme... The Name's Bond...James Bond, Soundtrack from the Motion Picture: Casino Royale (2006). Sony Pictures.Quantum of Solace (2008) and Casino Royale wallpapers, ... Songtext: If you take a life, do you know what you'll give? Odds are, you won't like what it is When the storm arrives, would you be seen with me By the merc... James Bond Casino Royale Theme "You Know My Name"